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Great Quotes for Catholics

Catholics are encouraged to do a lot of spiritual reading in between all of our daily duties. Lucky for us, there are many spiritual classics

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The Demonic Occult

In America today, as well as in Europe, there seems to be a fascination with the demonic occult. The occult is the belief that there

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The Power of the Church

There is a movement today in the world that denies the power of the Church of Jesus Christ in our lives. The narrative goes something

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The Catholic St. Paul

Many people today claim that St. Paul, not Martin Luther, was the first Protestant. Why? Because Paul was not one of the original twelve apostles

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The God Confirmation

Today there are many people who claim to be atheists. Some famous ones, like Richard Dawkins and the late Christopher Hitchens, have even written books

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The Catholic Church and Science

Many people erroneously believe that the dark ages were caused by the Catholic Church and its hatred of science/love of superstition, and its dominant control

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