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The Work of the Sacristan

They are not always very obvious but they are not invisible either. Such is the liturgical role of the Sacristan within a parish. Many parishes

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Making God Your Goal

In an effort to maintain their lifestyles, some people repeatedly push themselves to the point of exhaustion. But a life that does not have God

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Your Lenten Journey

On Ash Wednesday Lent will once again be upon us.   Reading about how other Catholics observe the  Lenten season helps me to dig deeper into my spiritual life. 

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Faith formation

Catholic Schools Week 2017

Catholic Schools Week begins January 29 and ends February 4. Catholic schools all across the United States will be celebrating in their own unique ways.

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Strong-Willed Or God’s Will

  Sometimes being strong-willed is good, as in being determined.  Other times, not so much, as in being pig-headed. Are you “strong-willed?” We sometimes hear

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Striving For Sainthood

  Every morning I take time to read about the Saint of the Day on the Laudate app.  What inspirations the saints are! For those

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Spring Cleaning My Soul

Spring is in the air! The birds are rising earlier with the sun and the weather is warmer.  Here in the Midwest, it is never a

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Choosing The Cross

I am expecting our seventh child. My husband and I never dreamed we would be blessed this abundantly.  Having a large family was always a

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Praying With Your Children

Making an effort to pray daily is an important part of faith formation for children.  They follow our example, whether it is morning prayers or

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Living My Faith

In The Beginning I am a convert to Catholicism. In 2004, I was welcomed into the church. I was raised by Protestant parents; both were

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Missed Conceptions

The culture of birth control is a strong one. It is an accepted practice by most Christians and unfortunately, most religions today. An article from

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Happy are Those

Comparison is the thief of joy, so goes the saying. A bigger house, a bigger car, and a better job are always just out of

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