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The Problem With Papal Mind-Readers

As people continue to be confused over what Pope Francis thinks here or there, especially regarding Communion for the divorced and remarried, one thing seems

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Modesty Is a Direction Not a Line

I get frustrated when I see this seemingly endless discussion in certain Catholic circles about how women should dress. How long should the skirt be?

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4 Advantages of Digital Silence

Being an active Catholic on social media who checks my Twitter and Facebook multiple times a day, I’m probably the last person you’d expect to

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A Society Built on Trust

I walked into Wal-Mart in Dearborn and seemed out of place because I was white and buying alcohol. (Dearborn is a Detroit suburb with the

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The 9 Non-Negotiables

For years, Catholic Answers has produced a helpful voters’ guide on the five non-negotiable moral issues for Catholics. It is good but in the years

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Debating Against a Stacked Deck

Recently, I posted on Twitter that we should protect parents and children by opposing a new policy allowing students to pick their bathroom without informing

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Body-Positive Catholicism

I was a nerd, not a jock, a little flabby but not obese, interested in the brain more than the body, catching my breath after

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