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Answering the Call to Work

Recent studies show a need for a greater understanding of labor as a Christian call to work. Nearly half the people on the planet are

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Economic Apologists?

Two years before his death, renowned Catholic social scientist Dr. Rupert Ederer wrote a book entitled Economics as if God Matters. In this book, he endeavored

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A Baby’s Vocation

  Today, I say goodbye to a little boy whom I have never met but whose very existence touched hearts around the world. This story

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Putting Faith in Your Investments

As investment professionals, when we think about investments, we think about asset classes: stocks, bonds, hedge funds and the like. As theologians, when we think

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A Work Week Theology

There are more of us than there are of them. More laity than religious, that is. Throughout history, the great saints have gifted the Church with

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