The Sacred in the Broken

“Sanctuary, (from the late Lat. sanctuarium, a sacred place), a sacred or consecrated place, particularly one affording refuge, protection or right of asylum; also applied

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A Manmade God

“The Scarlet Whore, the Dogs of Hell, the Second Beast, the Anti-Christ, ‘these have disgraced humanity and crimsoned a great part of the world with

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The Lost Defender

  “Do not listen to the Insults and Detractions against the Vicar of Christ which the Fury of the little Monk spews up against the

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abortion, pregnancy loss, baby, crying, pain, miscarriage

Murder Most Foul

In the realm of the dead of each abortion clinic, what lies hidden is the desolate destruction of keening for our humanity, the grim dismissal

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truth, jesus

Bought and Sold for $21.62

Today’s exchange rate (approximately) for thirty pieces of silver is $21.62. (Thirty Pieces of Silver – Truth Magazine) “The didrachma and tetradrachma (actually stater) are

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confession, penance, sacrament, sin, reconciliation

Confession’s Sacrament

Bless Me Father, For I Have Sinned. “Bless me Father, for I have sinned. It has been…” Words known even before my First Communion rush back

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