And When He’s Busy…He Sends Mrs. Lana

Christina Weber - Mrs. Lana

Christina Weber - Mrs. Lana

Mrs. Lana attests that God always provides. Since we are short on family support to watch our kids for short time periods and during the day, Mrs. Lana fills the role of the Weber private personal babysitter. The hand of God united us with this seasoned elderly grandmother with nearly forty grandkids and great-grandkids.

Mrs. Lana is caring and loving and a natural teacher. She’s flexible and open to driving our kids to Timbuktu for whatever activity they might have during her time with them, making her a real parental stress reliever. But also she’s a tough old bird of eight plus decades. Among her amazing feats is surviving  cancer and even a brain tumor as a young mom with five kids. With the attitude, “They needed me; it just wasn’t time to go,” devout Catholic Mrs. Lana overcomes life challenges, one after another, with her cheerful, humble attitude.

So it worked out perfectly when Mrs. Lana survived her last brush with death, to return to babysit exclusively for us. She’s always on the other end of the phone when I call, and  even proactively tells me the few days each month she is unable to watch the kids. A fighter and a survivor, Mrs. Lana knew her social security would not cover all her bills. Our relatively well-behaved, low-maintenance kids love Mrs. Lana. They provide her with the opportunity to earn the money she needs without the toxicity that comes with unruly kids that really could send her health south.

God never abandons us. He always steps in. And when he’s busy, he sends someone like Mrs. Lana.

The Catholic Women’s Guide to Healthy Relationship Tip:  Who is the Mrs. Lana God put in your life? Thank her and Him.

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7 thoughts on “And When He’s Busy…He Sends Mrs. Lana”

  1. Reminds me of the old joke about the man who turned away all sorts of help in a flood, including the US Marines, because God will save him– and dies. When he faces God, he asks “why didn’t you save me?”
    And He responds: “What happened to the three rowboats, two helicopters and squad of Marines?”

    God Bless the Mrs. Lanas.

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