A Very Real Battle with Satan

The battle for souls is real, and it’s happening right now….even as you read this review. This battle is far more real than anything Hollywood can dream up or portray. Movies like the Exorcist grab people’s attention but for all the wrong reasons. Demonic possession is real, and exorcists are busier than ever, It’s a sign of the times as the spiritual battle appears to be intensifying. In a book released posthumously, Father Gabriele Amorth with Elizabeth Fezzi leads readers on a journey into his private world of battle with the Devil. Father Amorth: My Battle Against Satan is a gripping tale and one that must be read.

The book came about from a series of one-on-one interviews Elizabeth Fezzi had with Father Amorth. What is revealed is a gentle man, a grandfatherly type, that at first glance, the average person would never guess he was someone the Devil feared and more than likely hated. In fact, he was a man sought after for his expertise on the topic of the Enemy. Father Amorth, by the time of his death 2016, was the world’s most famous exorcist and quite frankly a legendary chaser of demons. What Elizabeth reveals through this series of interviews is a simple man who was deeply spiritual. A compassionate man who genuinely cared for the well being of those who sought out his help.

The book itself is divided into two parts. The first contains Elizabeth’s interviews with Father Amorth. These interviews provide a window into certain aspects of his ministry and reveal to all the man he truly was. “The text that follows is the fruit of those conversations faithfully transcribed: re-reading them, I can still hear his voice with his Emilian cadence, his jokes, and his laugh. Those who have met him will recognize him without a shadow of a doubt.”

The second part of the book reveals testimonies of those who knew him. In these pages, you will meet Rosa, his assistant; Fausto his doctor; Father Stanislaw his only heir and his spiritual friend; Fathers Marcello and Stefano his confreres. Lastly, readers will meet Allessia. A girl severely afflicted who Father Amorth helped. The book closes with the eulogy from his funeral Mass.

To me, this book is eye-opening. They are the very words and personal thoughts of a man involved in a daily battle with the Devil since he became an exorcist in 1986. You’ll be enlightened by the unwavering faith Father Amorth reveals in these pages. Likely you will also walk away from this book with strength. The strength that comes from knowing that the Devil can be defeated. The strength in knowing that any grip he may hold on those you love or yourself can be eliminated. Father Amorth was fearless. He stared Satan down and won, and this we can do as well. Satan’s power is fleeting and is entirely built upon our fear and the fact that we allow him to do so. Use this book and the words of Father Gabriele Amorth to cast aside your fears, focus on Christ, and tell Satan empathically to get behind you and your loved ones.

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