A Time for Adoration

Show of hands…how many participate in Eucharistic Adoration. Second show of hands…how many would like to have a book as a guide through your adoration times. Luckily there’s a book for that. I recently stumbled upon the book St. Faustina Prayer Book for Adoration by Susan Tassone. This one is a keeper.

Susan provides a handy little book that gives the reader Saint Faustina as a companion for Adoration. She provides some background material as to who St. Faustina was, some of her experiences, and her advice and example of holiness. As you dive deeper into this book you will see St. Faustina in a new light, brought to life for us today.

“When St. Faustina knelt in front of the tabernacle, she prayed fervently, gazing radiantly at the altar. Jesus in the Eucharist was to her a living person with whom she wanted to talk at every moment.”

And so it should be with us as well. Sometimes we may find ourselves drawn to adoration but a loss as to what to do. St. Faustina Prayer Book for Adoration solves this. The book contains fifteen chapters and in those chapters you will find what I would label as different adoration themes. There’s adoration with the Holy Spirit and the Holy Trinity, Adoration with Mary, Adoration of the Crucified Jesus, Adoration in Times of Suffering, Adoration with the Saints, Adoration for the Dying and the Holy Souls in Purgatory, and more. Sprinkled throughout the book are numerous prayers, devotionals, novenas, and rosary meditations. The words of St. Faustina herself pop up on nearly every page making her truly your companion for your time of adoration. In fact, there is an entire chapter filled with St. Faustina’s prayers of adoration.

Of particular interest to me was  a chapter on Spiritual Adoration in the Home. Yes, we can enter into spiritual communion even when the sacrament is not present to us within the four walls of our homes. This opens us up to a whole new world of possibilities and does not limit us to adoration only when we are mobile. The sick can participate in adoration too. As with St. Faustina, “There were times when her fragile health, and later her terminal condition, made it impossible for her to leave her room or even her bed.” We too can make spiritual adoration anywhere, anytime.

God is calling you. He is inviting you into a personal one-on-one relationship with him…your Creator and the creator of all living things. We are called to be active participants in this adoration as well. Susan Tassone has provided a tool that will be a wonderful aid in bringing this call to fruition in a most profitable way. Take up this book and allow it to make a profound difference in your spiritual life and the world.

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2 thoughts on “A Time for Adoration”

  1. I just happened upon your page today and love it! I am a weekly adorer at my church and also a devotee of St. Faustina and her diary. This book is a perfect match for me (and for my Endow group–most of us have a commitment to an hour of Eucharistic Adoration each week). I will buy it and share with the group!!

    Thanks for the review and Amazon link!

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