A Heavenly Game: SaintCards – Off the Shelf 112 with David Williams

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Off the Shelf 112 – David Williams
This week on Off the Shelf we have something a little different. David Williams is the developer behind the new game SaintCards. Its a card game where the Saints and history are presented in fun and engaging games for ages 4-104. Cards are available in base sets and expansions that add to the challenge and fun. Listen in as David and I discuss how to play the game and what each of the multiple expansions contain.

From the creators of Saint Cards

Are we giving our families an opportunity to contemplate the many pathways of holiness that these models of our Catholic faith gave to us to follow?

This is why we made SaintCards.  Our family wants to invest into the Catholic Domestic Church to help parents fulfill their mission in “teaching their children to discover their vocation as children of God” (CCC 2226). Through learning about these holy men and women, the entire family can grow in holiness, all while having fun.  It’s all for heaven in the end! Learn more.

Where to find

Visit the SaintCards website to purchase your own copy of the base set and all the expansions.

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