A Graphic Novel of an Original Superhero

We are in the age of the comic book hero. Marvel and DC rule the box office. It has become evident that comic books are making a comeback in a big. Let me rephrase that…..graphic novels. The ability to tell a story in picture format is an engaging way to teach when used properly. Thankfully there have been a handful of creators in the Catholic space who have noticed an recently I was afforded the opportunity to check one such graphic novel out. Saint John the Baptist: A Voice Crying Out in the Desert is a mixture of great anime style artwork and a very solid story line. This is one kids young and old will not want to miss.

The book is targeted to the grade 4-6 age group. It is divided into seven chapters and takes a look at the everyday life of John the Baptist. The story written is taken from the Gospels themselves. What is interesting is how some of the earlier years gaps are filled in. Author and illustrator Ezekiel Saucedo uses aprocryphal writings to flesh out these hidden years of John. For those unfamiliar, aprocryphal texts are those not included in the Bible because they are considered to be not divinely inspired. They do however shed light on what life may have been like during those times so for this, they serve a valuable purpose.

I really liked this graphic novel. Ezekiel Saucedo did a wonderful job presenting the life of John the Baptist from childhood through his imprisonment and death. Along the way you will meet Jesus and be able to hear about a few miracles he performed during this time frame. I believe this book will be very useful as a springboard to further study of the Gospels themselves. Ezekiel conveniently ties the chapters in the book to the Gospel chapters themselves in the introduction.

If you have a reluctant reader on your hands then this is the book for you. Interestingly enough, when conducting a search, I could not find any other books for this age group on the life of Saint John the Baptist in this format or in this much of a complete story line. Even if your child loves to read this is a great selection for them as well. I would even dare to say that the adults will be taking a peak at this one when the kids are not around. I know I did! Yes we are indeed in the age of the superhero……why not show kids the real superheroes….the saints.

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