365 Days with a Saint

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I’ve been holding on to this review for a bit until I was able to work my way deeper into this book. I’m glad I did because this book has become a powerful component of my morning prayer routine. In fact, I venture to say this this book has the potential of making my top ten list for 2019. The book is Day by Day With Saint Faustina: 365 Reflections by Susan Tassone and it’s one you will want to make a part of your life as well.

In the book, as the title alludes, Susan provides a daily entry. These daily entries are based upon the mystic and visionary Saint Faustina’s Diary. If you are at all familiar with Susan Tassone’s work the book leans heavily on the holy souls in purgatory. Praying for those in purgatory is a most worthy cause and one I have become attuned to since discovering the wonderful resources Susan provides.

Each daily entry includes an excerpt from Saint Faustina’s Diary as well as the diary reference number so you can easily go back and read the surrounding text to frame the excerpt in context. These are followed by a reflection and prayer written by Susan. Each entry is a single page and a great springboard for reflection and journaling.

What I like most about the book is something it may not have been intended for but is very good at. Day by Day with Saint Faustina is a perfect entry way into the larger Dairy. It serves as a fantastic introduction to this monumental work by Saint Faustina and provides examples of her thought and words in bite-size snippets. One thing is for certain, as you work your way through the book you will certainly want to get a copy of the Diary to have close by for further reading.

In the book’s introduction Susan tells readers what benefits the words of Saint Faustina will provide them. Here are few as outlined by Susan:

  • Grow closer to God in the Eucharist.
  • Develop a stronger, deeper daily prayer life….with the help of the angels and saints.
  • Get along better with others, including those closest to you.
  • Let the realities of heaven, hell, and purgatory influence your choices now.
  • Use your suffering to help others, including the souls in purgatory.
  • Become a person of mercy by learning from the Saint of Mercy, a woman who spent her life – day by day – teaching others about the infinite love and compassion of God, who is Divine Mercy.

Let Saint Faustina guide you on a path of spiritual development through the help of Susan Tassone’s pen. Though the centuries have passed Saint Faustina still avails herself to us so she can teach us how to live the life that God wishes each of us to live. Get this book and be consumed with the beauty, truth, and wisdom it’s pages provide.

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2 thoughts on “365 Days with a Saint”

  1. I’ve also been praying with this book every morning and I agree: it is a powerful component to my daily prayer. The meditations remain with me through the rest of the day and many times speak to my life. For example, the meditation on the benefit of holy friends came at a time when my friends and I started praying a friendship novena!

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