Kudos to Alyssa Milano

Actress Alyssa Milano ignited social media with a tweet last Friday night calling for women to return to chastity. Although her nonsectarian phrase is “sex-strike,”

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Everyday Heroes

Everyday Heroes, written by the Emmy Award-winning filmmaker, David Naglieri, is a welcome antidote to the barrage of bad news which assaults us all day

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A Time for Adoration

Show of hands…how many participate in Eucharistic Adoration. Second show of hands…how many would like to have a book as a guide through your adoration

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As a Man Is, So He Sees

Recently I was blown away by a couple of illusions I was shown online. They were viral sensations years ago – so I am behind

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Shout Your Motherhood

Mother’s Day is a day when we celebrate the beauty and blessings of motherhood.  The value of this gift is biblically recounted numerous times. And

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Uh, How Do You Pray?

I didn’t have a clue how to pray. Seriously, for forty-three years of my life, my prayer was a one-way “asking train” to God. From

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