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Thrills, a Poem

September 27, AD2013 3 Comments


Hollow, empty spaces
All the world so wide
Distraction filling silence
While the soul abides.

The ego dances freely
With the vapid little thrills
Temptations on the cutting edge
Yet older than the hills.

We put ourselves atop
Above the petty rest
Never clear enough to see
What we\’ve made second best.

For if God were really up there
There\’d be no suffering or loss
He would not permit it,
Just ask Him, on the cross.

– Patrick Pierce


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About the Author:

John "Patrick" Pierce (Patrick being his confirmation name) runs the website Traditium and maintains a website for those interested in Ecclesiastical Latin at Ecclesiae Latina. His legal background as an attorney in the State of Florida, and his passion for research, bring to his faith a particular fascination with Magisterium and history and a desire to reconnect the great traditions to modern life. He converted to Catholicism twenty years ago, during college, and Catholicism had traditionally been the faith of the Pierces of America and Ireland before that. He makes no bold claims to be an expert, but rather is looking to share his journey deep into history and faith, and welcomes anyone who wishes to tag along.

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