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Progressives, When is Your Progress Complete?

May 1, AD2014 81 Comments


\”We all want progress, but if you\’re on the wrong road, progress means doing an about-turn and walking back to the right road; in that case, the man who turns back soonest is the most progressive.\”  — C.S. Lewis

Progressives, this post is for you. I have a question for you that is real and weighty I hope you can answer with clarity, so that I can understand what it means to be a progressive today. None of these are trick questions; they are asked sincerely.

The label \”progressive\” was chosen purposefully, I am sure. It is meant to convey that you are forward-thinking people, making progress in society.

Progress is defined as \”advancement, or movement toward a goal\”, so I ask…

In the realm of sexuality (since that\’s the pivot point of the current culture wars), toward what final goal are you advancing?

If there is no specific goal, then where are you going? Are you simply wandering? And if you are wandering, do you wander indefinitely? How do you know when your progression has ended, or do you believe that it never ends and never should end?

But going back to the definition of \”progress\”: If you believe there is a goal and you progress to it, do you then stop there?

And if you stop at the goal, what of the others, those who keep moving on past the goal, progressing to the next place? Aren\’t they then the true progressives, the ones who boldly break the taboos and dismantle societal constructs? And won\’t you be seen as hindering progress, and repressing or oppressing those moving forward (maybe even seen as a hater)? Or will it be bad to be a \”progressive\” then, and will you switch to proudly wearing the label of \”conservative\”?

Let\’s get more specific.

I think it\’s fair to say that when it comes to sex, progressives champion the right of consenting adults to use their sexuality in any way they desire. In the past that meant working to end the stigma of contraception, masturbation, divorce, pre-marital sex, and human abortion, and today it means the normalization or mainstreaming of pornography, hook-ups, group sex, homosexual acts and most recently gay \”marriage\”.

So, what next? When all these things are acceptable and enshrined, where do the progressives go? Who will the progressives be?

I would offer that we all already know, but when I dare to bring it up, I am shouted down. \”How could you equate homosexuality with pedophilia or bestiality??!!\” (I do not equate them.) \”I don\’t see great hordes of people clamoring for those things to be accepted!!\” (Neither did anyone used to clamor for the acceptance of pornography, fornication, or homosexual \”marriage\”.)

I do know that respectable progressive psychologists, academics, and activists have been quietly working to destigmitize pedophilia and lower ages of consent, and I do know that the respectable, beloved progressive, Princeton professor Peter Singer, sees nothing wrong with certain occasions of bestiality.

These are forerunners of progressive thought in our culture. Distasteful now, but as we continue to \”morally progress\”, it\’s just a matter of time before these ideas gain greater acceptance.

For the progressives reading who are disgusted by such ideas, what are your natural \”stops\”? Can there be any? As far as I can tell, you deny the natural law (i.e., the universal moral law that can be known by the light of reason). You don\’t believe in natural boundaries for sex, nor the concept of \”order\” and \”disorder\” in morality. So, where are the brakes? What are your principles for dismissing these other uber-progressives out of hand?

Because they\’re right behind you, out-progressing you as we speak.

Thanks for any answers you are able to provide.

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About the Author:

Leila Miller is a wife and mother of eight children who has a penchant for writing and a passion for teaching the Catholic Faith in simple ways. This summa cum laude Boston College graduate also enjoys debating secularists, and in her spare time she fancies herself a bit of a Catholic matchmaker. She manages two blogs that accommodate those hobbies well: Little Catholic Bubble, and the invite-only Catholic Moms Matchmaking.

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