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Miracles Do Happen

May 13, AD2014 5 Comments

\"LisaI believe in miracles, in big ones and in small ones. God is still alive and well on planet earth. He still cares for us and also cares for what matters to us. He hears our cries. He knows our desires. He sees our needs. He wants to heal us and make us whole. As for us, we just hope he answers us in the way we want, but that’s not always the way He works. God’s ways are higher than our ways and He always knows what is best. So, even though we might pray for miracles in our lives and in the lives of others, they may not come with the answers we expect. Sometimes we receive more than we thought and sometimes the answer given was entirely different and totally unexpected.

Sometimes I come across friends and family and the subject of prayer and miracles comes up. During these conversations some of each of our concerns are discussed and we decide to pray for each other. One friend wanted us to pray together in order to have God help her pass a class she was taking. She honestly thought she wouldn’t, considering some of the grades she said she received on her tests, but miracle of miracles, she did! Our combined prayers for her desire to pass the class were answered in the way she hoped they would be answered. She was very happy and let me know as soon as she found out.

My daughter had lost a special diary a little while ago so I said we should pray together to St. Anthony to help her find it. I said that he never failed to find a lost item for me. I told her to trust him to find her diary. One day, quite some time later, she found it packaged up in a box. She was so very happy, but her happiness was more in her increased faith due to answered prayer than in finding her diary. The look on her face was my pure joy. Last month, I ran into a friend who asked if I could say a prayer that God would help with something he and his wife were trying to work through. I told him I would. When I saw him again this month, he said the issue was resolved, praise God!

Recently, a girlfriend of mine was feeling down and wanted to talk about it. She said that she and her husband seemed to be growing more distant but what she really desired was a closer relationship with him. So we prayed about it. When I saw her later on, she told me that things were much better between them. I was very truly glad to hear that their relationship had really come around for the better for them.

Today, I had the opportunity to witness yet another miracle movement of God in my life. I was able to talk to my husband about something very painful to us both. At one point in our short conversation, I felt God’s presence very strongly between us and knew, even if briefly, it was a healing moment. Maybe the rest of the conversation wasn’t as powerful, but at that one special point we both became totally vulnerable with one another, looking intently at each other and showing the fullness of our pain. It was so very beautiful to me and a sign of hope that we might actually get through this after all. I pray that somehow it was a God moment for him as well. I love that man so very much!

God does hear the cry of the heart. God does answer prayer. God’s miracles are His way of coming into our world in an extraordinary way. They can be everyday miracles that are sometimes so common that we don’t even view them as such. And then they can be the “Lazarus, rise” type that just makes you fall to your knees with the power of God’s holiness. God listens to prayer. He may not always answer it in the way we hope or in the time we want, but He hears us and gives us the grace we need for the moment to continue on. Miracles do happen, big and small. Wait, hope, pray, and persevere, and never, ever give up faith that God will hear and answer the deepest desires of the heart.

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I enjoy writing and have always found it to be one of the best ways I communicate my thoughts most clearly. I hope you enjoy and find what I have to say to be interesting, insightful, and even uplifting. I also am a big fan of marriage and believe it is one of the stepping stones and pathways God has planned for us to reach sainthood and Heaven. God's peace to you and yours!

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