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Our Lady of Kibeho: Is Anyone Still Listening?

October 5, AD2013

Kelli - angel

The attack on the Westgate Mall in Nairbi, Kenya, is a stark reminder of man’s inhumanity towards his fellow man;  senseless retribution against the innocents for perceived injustices, political gain or religious domination.  Somalia’s al-Qaeda-linked rebel group, al-Shabab, targeted and killed non-Muslims in a popular shopping mall as retribution for the Kenyan military presence in Somalia, where Kenyan troops have driven Shabab fighters out of much of the territory they once controlled.

To encapsulate the historical dynamics of African cultural and politics, in order to fully appreciate her impact on the rest of the world, would take far more time and space than this column  allows.  However, it is essential to acknowledge that when people hear the word “Africa,” it is not always good images that come to mind.  Certainly reinforced by the international media, people more often associate Africa as a place of famine, disease, tribal wars, genocide, AIDS and ruthless dictators.  When in fact, Africa is a microcosm of the human condition throughout the world.

To reinforce this assessment, one of the most compelling Marian apparitions in history occurred in Kibeho, Rwanda, with little fanfare or media coverage beyond the country’s borders.  The Virgin Mary’s message is not just a  message for Rwandans, and Africans, but for the entire world.  It is as relevant today as it was in 1981.

The Condition of Kibeho

To appreciate the magnitude of the events that occurred in Kibeho, you need a little perspective.  The small mountain village of Kibeho is located in the southern province of Rwanda, a country on the eastern side of the continent bordering Somalia.  Considered one of the poorest countries in Africa, Rwanda has an estimated 65% of people living in poverty.  Between 1980 and 1981, Catholics in villages throughout Rwanda were humiliated.  Almost all the statues  of the Virgin Mary on display were dismembered, destroyed or stolen.  People stopped praying the Rosary, believing propaganda that “the devotion was outdated.”  Clergy became so frustrated until they basically gave up trying to shepherd their parishes.  They no longer encouraged praying the Rosary, and thus, the Blessed Mother was almost forgotten.

Between 1981 and 1989, numerous visionaries had frequent encounters with the Blessed Virgin Mary, who revealed herself as “Nynia wa Jambo,” meaning “Mother of the Word,” which is a synonym for “Umubyeyi w’Imana,” which means “Mother of God.”  However, after extensive tests and evaluations by physicians and Church authorities, the Catholic Church approved and sanctioned only the first three visionaries;  Alphonsine Mumureke, Nathalie Mukamazimpaka, and Marie-Claire Mukangano, who attended the 120-student Kibeho High School; an all-girl boarding school, run by three Catholic nuns.

The messages from the Blessed Mother, similar to Fatima, are urgent appeals for the repentance and conversion of hearts, an assessment of the moral conduct of the world, the Blessed Mother’s deep sorrow for the disobedience of all of God’s children, regardless of religion, and the necessity of prayer and conversion before the Final Judgment, which she expresses repeatedly is coming soon.  She also talks about how suffering saves, saying; ” No one will reach heaven without suffering.” [Messages here]

Similar to the children of Fatima, Alphonsine, Nathalie, Marie-Claire were ridiculed and tormented, with Marie-Claire initially being the most outspoken critic before her own visions began.

Alphonsine, Nathalie and Marie-Claire

On November 28, 1981,  Alphonsine was the first to see the Blessed Mother.  As news spread throughout Kibeho, the school became concerned of the negative impact Alphonsine’s actions could have on the school and the village.  People began traveling to Kibeho in hopes of seeing a miracle.  Yet, at the school, no one believed the girl was seeing anything.  One of the school’s priests actually gave Marie-Claire encouragement to promote the physical abuse of Alphonsine during her apparitions in an effort to discourage her.  Maria-Claire organized a group of girls who pulled Alphonsine’s hair, pinched her skin, screamed in her ears, even shone a bright flashlight in her eyes, during the apparition, but nothing caused Alphonsine to blink, flinch or winced in the slightest way.

After hearing that the girls’ efforts failed to expose Alphonsine as a fraud, the same priest approached Alphosine during an apparition and stuck a needle into her arm.  Again, no response.  Ironically, in Kinyarwanda, the native language of Rwanda, Alphonsine’s last name, Mumureke, means “leave her alone; she speaks the truth.”

Eventually, The Pressure Became Too Much for Alphonsine

Alphonsine asked the Blessed Mother if she could appear to more children so that those at the school would believe her.  So, on January 12th, 1982, the Blessed Mother began to appear to Nathalie, which only made Marie-Claire angrier and more determined to expose both girls as frauds.

Yet, the Blessed Mother had plans for the little “doubting Thomas,” and on March 2nd, 1982, the Blessed Mother chose Marie-Claire as the third visionary.  Now Marie-Claire was filled with shame and humility.

In one of the first visions, Marie-Claire was given a message for the same priest who encouraged her to torment Alphonsine.  She approached the priest and said,  “The Blessed Mother told me to tell you that you’ve been unjustly tormenting her children and must do penance. She wants you to knell down tonight, hold your arms open to God, and pray your rosary three times.”

The priest viewed Marie-Claire’s statement as insolence, and called her a liar.  He ordered her to remain in her dormitory until morning when he would administer her punishment.

That night, before going to  bed, the priest recalled the Blessed Mother’s message.  Although he didn’t believe these apparitions, he saw no harm in saying a few extra rosaries.  Telling no one, he drew all the curtains so that no one could see him, and he prayed just as the Blessed Mother had instructed.  When he finished praying, he laid the rosary in the nightstand draw, placed some books and magazines on top of the rosary, and closed the drawer.

The next day when the priest met with Marie-Claire to pronounce her punishment, she greeted the priest with another message, saying that the Blessed Mother was pleased that he prayed the previous night as she asked.  However, the Blessed Mother wanted the priest to know that he should never throw his rosary in a drawer and cover it with books and magazines.  She said the rosary should be with you at all times, and that it should be prayed every day.  From that moment forward, the priest was humbled and became a believer.

The Blessed Mother Allowed the Visionaries to See the Future

On August 19, 1982, the Blessed Mother gave the girls visions that are now believed to have been in part a prophecy of the Rwandan genocide. With witnesses present, the visionaries  screamed in horror as they saw in a vision, trees in flames, a river of blood flowing with corpses which had been decapitated and floating limbs of people.  Our Lady warned the children that this world is “on the edge of catastrophe.”  The accurate account of their vision was recorded as follows:

“A river of blood, people were killing each other, abandoned corpses with no one to bury them. A tree all in flames, bodies without their heads. There was crying and screaming. At different times, all seven of the Kibeho visionaries experienced this horrifying vision. They saw a river of blood that formed because people were killing each other indiscriminately. “Corpses, some without heads, were strewn everywhere and were so numerous they could not be buried.”

Rwanda is comprised of two predominate tribes:  Hutu and Tutsi.  On April 6, 1994, after the plane of the Hutu President Hamyarimana crashed, the violence against the Tutsi began almost instantaneously.  Fueled by Hutu extremists that blamed the Tutsi minority for the country’s social, economic, and political problems, in less than 100 days, Hutus  systematically massacred between 800,000 and 1 million Tutsis, or anyone sympathetic to the Tutsis.  They savagely dismembered and mutilated their victims.  To further degrade the Tutsi, Hutu extremists would not allow the Tutsi dead to be buried. Their bodies were left where they were slaughtered, exposed to the elements, eaten by rats and dogs.

Why is the “Mother of the Word” Still Relevant Today?

The message that Our Lady gave to Marie-Claire on March 27, 1982 was this:

“If I am now turning to the parish of Kibeho it does not mean I am concerned only for Kibeho or for the diocese of Butare or for Rwanda, or for the whole of Africa. The world is bad. The world rushes toward its ruin. It’s about to fall into an abyss. The world is in rebellion against God. Many sins are committed. There is no love and no peace. If you don’t repent and convert your hearts, all will fall into an abyss.” 

The world is bad.

The world rushes towards its ruin.

The world is in rebellion against God.

Nothing has changed on this earth since the Kibeho visions ended in 1989.  The tragedy in Nairobi, Kenya, is but a mere reminder of similar tragedies around the world in the last 24 years, such as the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City.  We live in a world where human life is not valued from the moment of conception until natural death, and we act shocked when people rise up against and kill one another in retaliation for perceived injustices, political gain or religious domination.  And this devaluing of life is present in all countries, among all races of people, and within all forms of professed religions.

During the campaign in the 1940’s for independence in India, Mohandas Gandhi was quoted as saying, “An eye for an eye will leave everyone blind.”

Is that what we have become – a world of blind children who lack the ability to recognize the ability for compassion and humility that God gave us?  Have we lost our ability to discern what is of value in this life and what is not?  Like obstinate children, why do we chose not to hear God’s voice, thinking any message from Him through the Blessed Mother, Mary, cannot possibly apply to us?

“….blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.” (John 20:29)


© 2013. Diane McKelva. All Rights Reserved.

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About the Author:

Recognized as the former Editor in Chief, Diane McKelva is now the Editor Emeritus of Catholic Stand. You can learn more about Diane and her work here.

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  • It is almost impossible to get full information about this apparition. I did a huge study on it years ago, and was shocked at what I found, but most of that information has dropped out of the web.

  • oscar acevedo

    First time hearing about “Our lady of Kibeho”. Just ordered the books”Our Lady of Kibeho and Left to tell. Thank you for sharing.

  • Carol Melucci

    Our Lady seems to come when there is proof of a forthcoming disaster for our world. When are we ever going to see the message as a real one: Prayer is important! It can save the world, through us. The rosary is our bridge to heaven. Keep going on it and we will make it home to God.

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  • Simon Cyrene

    The historical account of genocide caused by tribal conflict
    in the African nation of Rwanda during the 1990’s by itself does not prove that
    the world will be doomed for the free-will consequences of the inhabitants on
    Earth. Have not parents ever told their
    children, among other things, that none of us knows the future for sure? However, what’s sure is that everybody
    suffers, has to suffer, and will suffer. Naturally, we inhabit the Earth in mortal
    bodies, meaning that these bodies are subject to illness and degeneration and ultimately
    decay unto dust. Through suffering we realize that we do not
    live in a perfect world – it hasn’t been perfect since we have been living in
    it – and most likely will not be perfect when we leave it; just continue
    reading the news . . . (grin). Your
    article centers around an apparition from which man is forewarned of his/her
    behavior and from which this behavior is centered in the historical events
    leading up to the Rwanda genocide. Your
    article’s title, being both rhetorical and provocative – Our Lady of Kibeho: Is
    anyone still listening? – evidently, is purposely
    intended to invite a response from your readers. My reading of your article and the comments
    from your other readers leads me to ask you the question of who are those who are
    like “obstinate children (that) chose not to hear God’s voice, thinking any
    message from Him through the Blessed Mother, Mary, cannot possibly apply to us?”
    To whom or to which persons did you have
    in mind?

    In your article you specifically described al-Qaeda or
    al-Shabab, among those of more recent infamy. Yet, in addition, you mention Rwanda,
    Africa, and the entire world. Some of
    your readers may have saw themselves as being “obstinate children”; have you ever
    been obstinate yourself? Even towards
    God? More or less everyday perhaps, eh? Some messages can be very inspirational; common
    sense quotes as well, like the one you mentioned from Mohandas Gandhi. In particular, though, it is a reported
    apparition of the Virgin Mary and the messages given to certain African youths
    which are given emphasis by your article.
    Certainly, when tragic historical events in Rwanda and elsewhere in the
    world occur, many people are only then provoked to ask themselves deep
    questions about human nature and human behavior. Then, a plethora of news articles and
    analysis come out of the media. In any
    case, however, teaching and instructing us in a morally acceptable behavior, be
    it from Christianity of from another religious faith, does not necessarily prevent
    unacceptable behavior. Not to forget
    that the perpetrators in the 9/11 attack on America prayed and believed that
    their behavior was morally acceptable, even if only they themselves believed it
    to be so. The Nazis, even of those party
    members who were Roman Catholics, believed they were behaving morally
    acceptable when they committed the atrocities against the human race.

    Given that your article appeared on a Catholic
    news platform (Catholic as meaning universal), the good for the entire world that
    you might intend to come out of your article must be evident in the effect it
    produces throughout the world, the effect must be widely evident beyond a
    reasonable doubt, even in those who do not appear outwardly as Catholic in the
    truest sense of the word. As far as apparitions and messages from God goes, these
    have to be as convincing to anyone, anywhere, and any time as reportedly it
    became convincingly true in the heart and mind of that Rwanda school priest.

    • Diane McKelva

      Simon, thank you for taking the time to read the article and commenting. Briefly, if you will take the time to read “Our Lady of Kibeho” by Immaculee Ilibigazia, you will glean greater understanding of Our Lady’s message. Our Lady made is abundantly clear on more than one occasion that her messages were not just for Rwanda, but for the world. Not just for Christians (Catholic and Protestants), but for Muslims, atheists and agnostics, as well.

      You said, “As far as apparitions and messages from God goes, these
      have to be as convincing to anyone, anywhere, and any time as reportedly it
      became convincingly true in the heart and mind of that Rwanda school priest.”

      Yes, and as Our Lady of Kibeho said to the children when they begged her to help those you didn’t believe by appearing to them….”Blessed are those who do not see, yet believe.” Ah, Christ’s words to Thomas. (John 20:29)

      Peace be with you Simon. Please read more about Our Lady of Kibeho, and become for familiar with the Seven Sorrows Rosary, if you are not already.


    • Robbe Sebesta

      Good reply Diane, as i was going to comment on that same statement – of how Our Lady did indeed make it clear that her messages are universal, and then she repeated Our Lord’s words to Thomas in the Gospel of John. Many people can see, but not so many truly take in and then apply what they see. Just like, many people can hear, but not so many truly listen. (I’ve been guilty of this as well!) Peace with you my dear friend!

  • Greyser Ledwidge

    “The world is bad.The world rushes towards its ruin.The world is in rebellion against God.” Is this a different emphasis compared to that of Pope Francis?

    • Maccabeus

      Not at all. I think Pope Francis is acutely aware of the world’s sorry spiritual state, but he is taking a different approach to its healing and conversion. He frequently warns against the actions of the devil, and plans to consecrate the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary this Sunday.

  • Paula

    After reading Our Lady of Kibeho I immediately began a devotion to the sorrowful rosary, saying it on Tuesdays and Fridays, the days of the sorrowful mysteries of the regular rosary. I believe one of the reasons Mary asked for this is to teach us by her example to be strong and faithful in difficult times ahead, just as she was in her own difficult times.

    • Diane McKelva

      Amen, Paula. Thank you taking the time to read and offer your comments. After reading the Kibeho book, I too began saying the Our Lady of Sorrows rosary. Have you ever participated in Mary’s Stations of the Cross during Lent? I tried to find a link to share. This one is pretty good. Once you experience Lent through the eyes of Mary, you embrace your children a little differently, and certainly appreciate Mary’s active participation in Christ’s suffering. God Diane

  • Fr. Michael Najim

    Diane…thanks for this important reminder. Our Lady’s message is crucial, and it’s so important that we respond by praying and sacrificing. I read Immaculee’s first book, but not the one on Kibeho. I need to read it! Peace and blessings to you.

    • Diane McKelva

      Thank you, Father. And also with your spirit. Diane

  • Greyser Ledwidge

    “The world is bad.The world rushes towards its ruin.The world is in rebellion against God.” Does Pope Francis agree with this?

    • Diane McKelva

      Oh, I’m sure he does. He’s the Pope. 😉

    • Joe Corea

      Don’t worry Greyser, the media and enemies of the Church from within and without will be calling for Pope Francis’ head soon enough. It is only a matter of time.

  • Ted

    Spot on – thanks for spreading the truth in a world that doesn’t want to hear it.

    • Diane McKelva

      Ted, thank you for taking the time to read and comment. Reading Immaculee’s book and learning more about Our Lady of Kibeho has significantly changed my life. I look at everything and everyone differently. Peace be with you, Ted, and please keep visiting Catholic Stand. Diane

  • Bruce Willman

    30 yrs. ago I learned of the message of Fatima and took it to heart. Began with 1 decade of the Rosary and wondered how I could ever do more. Also learned of St Louis Demonfort and Total Consecration To Jesus through Our Blessed Mother. Did that and the First 5 Saturdays and enrolled in Brown Scapular, on completion of that at Holy Hill in Wisconsin. I was blessed to have a elderly Priest enroll me outside on side of the hill, with my two young sons wrestling on the ground. Fr was concerned they would roll down the side of the hill but I knew there were enough trees to prevent that. The same Priest also organized all night vigils in the Milwaukee and learned to love Jesus in The Most Holy Sacrament. Which has lead to become A regular at the local nursing home, where the Carmelite Sisters have a Eucharistic Chapel. Where I do at least 2 hours a week. I have heard of Kibeho and saw it confirms what I know through Fatima. Since you speak the same type of truths about Kibeho I must look into it more. There is so much to learn in the Catholic Church!

    • Diane McKelva

      Hello, Bruce, I hope that you will take time to read Immaculee’s book “Our Lady of Kibeho.” It certainly changed the way I now look at all the apparitions by our Blessed Mother. The message is clear and irrefutable. If we choose not to listen….woe on us. Peace be with you, Diane

  • samhille

    The answer to the questions posed by the author at the end of the article is: YES. Read the entire message of LaSallete. Have all of the items mentioned to the children come to pass? YES! Again a plea from Our Lady at Lourdes, once again at Fatima. . .we have indeed become deaf & blind spiritually. Let’s begin prayers of reparation today, because the foretold chastisement is looming on the not so distant horizon.

    • Diane McKelva

      Thank you, samhille. I’m glad that you recognized the importance of Our Lady of Kibeho’s message. God bless you. Diane

  • hennee

    Also Sister Anna Ali of Kenya received messages in 1987-88 focusing on the Eucharist.
    She died on June 6, 2012.

    • Diane McKelva

      hennee, thank you for sharing. I did not know about Sister Anna Ali of Kenya. I will certainly take the time to educate myself on her. God bless you.

  • Rose

    I was blessed to hear Immaculee speak at a local parish a few weeks ago. I’ve read her book “Left to tell” twice. I encourage everybody to read it and pass it on. If people do not forgive, the violence continues forever.

    • Diane McKelva

      Rose, thank you… I agree. Immaculee is a walking testimony of the power and importance of forgiveness. She had a very difficult time when praying the Our Father while in hiding and saying, “Forgive us our trespasses and we forgive those who trespass against us.” She refused to say it for a long time. But God and Our Lady showed her the way to true forgiveness. There is an interview with Immaculee where she talks about this. If I find it I will post here for others to see. In fact, Rose, “Left to Tell” should be required reading for all Christians. Furthermore, people need to be aware of the Rwanda Genocide, because it is one of the most horrific examples of man’s inhumanity toward his fellow man. And the world just sat back and watched. Peace be with you, Rose.

  • JohnK

    One of the few blogs that actually made me cry. Thank you for this article.

    • Diane McKelva

      God bless you, JohnK. I’m so pleased to know that you enjoyed learning about Our Lady of Kibeho. Please read Immaculee’s book that I offer in the list of resources at the end of the post. I don’t receive any gratuities for suggesting her book. 😉 Every aspect of the Kibeho apparitions are documented and proven true by numerous physicians and clergy. Amazing to know that Alphonsine and Nathalie both experienced a sort of death, going into a coma state, with no pulse and hardly noticeable breathing. The physicians present were prepared to pronounce both girls dead. But each girl had told their priests not to bury them, because the Blessed Mother told them that each of them would come back to life at a certain time. Meanwhile, the Blessed Mother took the girls so see heaven, hell and purgatory. That’s when I got chills and asked our Mother to forgive me for not praying more often. Thank you for taking the time to comment. Hope you will continue to be inspired by Catholic Stand. Peace be with you. Diane ^i^

  • Daniele

    On a hopeful note in this month of the holy Rosary, there is a story from one of the dreams of St. John Bosco. In that famous vision of the future victory of the
    Church over her enemies, St. John Bosco saw the Pope tie the church to two
    columns. One had our Lady on top with the word “Lepanto” written underneath.
    The other had the Eucharist on top. When the Pope accomplished this, the enemy
    boats in the vision were sunk both due to a storm and the ongoing battle. There
    are those who believe that Pope John Paul II was the pope of this vision.
    Although he was “killed,” afterwards, by the intercession of Our Lady of FATIMA
    (n.b. reference to the name of Mohammed’s daughter), the Pope is “resurrected”
    to take up his job anew. If Pope John Paul was in fact the pope of the dream,
    the tying of the Church would have been the year dedicated to Our Lady of the
    Rosary and the other year dedicated to the Eucharist. Without a doubt, since
    then the Muslim “fleet” has descended into chaos and confusion (e.g. the Arab
    spring and the Shiite-Sunni conflict).

    • Robbe Sebesta

      Wow! That IS interesting Daniele…..thank you for sharing that!

    • Diane McKelva

      Very interesting, Daniele. Thank you for sharing.

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  • Robbe Sebesta

    I really like this Diane! How true are your words about Our Lady, and how equally true are HER words about our world. I too read Immaculee Ilibagiza’s first book, and it changed my life (I read it about the same time as my conversion). I’m envious beyond words you got to meet her!! What is tragic to me is that, while I have heard about the visionaries at Kibeho, I haven’t heard much. I wonder if the Church should place more emphasis on these approved apparitions because they were never talked about during my conversion to the faith, nor have I ever heard reference of them (Kibeho, Fatima, Lourdes) at all at my parish. I mean, we have a Catholic bookstore where of course there is literature about these, but I wonder if a pastor was to really place emphasis on the reality of Our Lady’s messages, maybe more people would take them to heart. Anyway – great article!

    • Diane McKelva

      Glad you like, Robbe Lyn. Yes, meeting Immaculee and holding her hand for only a few seconds changed how I look at other people almost instantaneously. If only we could see the scars that others carry with them, we would be kinder to one another. The most amazing aspect of Immaculee’s survival is her message about forgiveness. Here is a woman who lived in a 3 x 4 bathroom with 7 other women for 3 months and said the rosary like 27 times a day. Meanwhile, her whole family was massacred, except for one of her brothers. And yet, she now forgives the Hutu people. Somewhere on You Tube you can hear her interview about how during the genocide, she could not pray the part of the Our Father that says, “forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us.” Likewise, her dedication to make Our Lady of Kebeho more known is equally inspiring. She believes that some of the other visionaries should be recognized by the church. And they may be someday. Who knows? As for greater awareness of Our Lady of Kibeho, it is up to us, the children of Our Blessed Mother to remind people of her messages. The Church approves the apparitions, but then it is up to the faithful to keep the messages alive. We are The Church, right? God bless, and thank you for taking the time to let me know you liked the article. There is so much more to her messages. Please read Immaculee’s book on Our Lady of Kibeho and you will be further inspired. Peace be with you. ^i^

    • Robbe Sebesta

      Yes, her story is one of the most awesome ones I’ve heard in this light. And I agree that it is indeed up to us, as we are the Church, like you said. I was only thinking that it would be nice, if, like we have a couple of months dedicated to the pro-life movement, we could have a month dedicated to the approved apparitions. But who am I to say? Haha….I just know how compelling they are is all. And it still makes me wonder, as I know I’ve asked this before….how much we each are responsible to know about our faith. Should I know as much as you know? Anyway…sorry….just thinking about my dear friend who loves Christ and is Catholic and probably one of the best people you could ever know. However, she seems to “know” so little about the Catholic faith. I don’t know….what you said above is what got me thinking about her. Peace be with you too my dear friend!

    • Diane McKelva

      Don’t apologize. I agree with you. I just forget to mention. 🙂 LOL You said: “I was only thinking that it would be nice, if, like we have a couple of
      months dedicated to the pro-life movement, we could have a month
      dedicated to the approved apparitions.” Yes, it would. How to accomplish that….I don’t know. Sounds like another article topic. (?)

  • Anabelle Hazard

    I’m glad you wrote about this Diane. I read Imaculee’s book and heard her speak and Our Lady’s message needs to be heard.

    • Diane McKelva

      Thank you, Anabelle, that’s what I thought while reading Imaculee’s book, too. Isn’t her own personal story amazing? I met her at a Catholic Women of Faith Conference in Nashville a few years ago, and had the pleasure of shaking her hand and speaking very briefly. She is undoubtedly a walking testimony of faith and the power of the Rosary and God’s grace. Glad you liked. Peace.

  • Diane McKelva

    Thank you, Jeff. Our Lady has so much to say from her apparitions at Kibeho, but I didn’t have enough space to share. 😉

  • Jeff_McLeod

    This is outstanding. Her words are always true and prophetic.

    Many years ago, in a half-awake, half-asleep state, I saw a woman holding a baby, standing at the foot of my bed. She didn’t say a word, but I knew what she came for. She wanted me to know that I was dying. I wasn’t afraid, and neither was she. It was so matter-of-fact. She just stood there with her baby quietly watching me, calmly without a fuss.

    It wasn’t a public apparition but I have no doubt it was our Blessed Mother. I will never forget what she did. I knew exactly what she meant though I couldn’t put it into words.

    You are dying.

    I knew exactly what she meant.

    It felt almost wistful, like “what a shame,” but still with a palpable sense that she would be there with me regardless. She just wanted me to know she was not going anywhere.

    She didn’t need to tell me who the baby was.

  • Diane McKelva

    Thank you, Paul. I’m a work in progress. 🙂 I hope that you and others will be inspired by Our Lady of Kibeho. Her message is timeless.

    Peace be with you,

  • paul

    Wow! How faithful are your words.