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Have I Grown Closer To Jesus Today?

March 21, AD2014 4 Comments

\"garyAs we journey through the forty days of Lent, it’s easy to lose our focus. Even if we remain faithful to our Lenten sacrifices, we can still lose sight of our main goal – growing closer to the Lord. While it is entirely possible that giving up sweets, coffee or beer can draw us closer to Jesus (by uniting our suffering with His or recognizing that we may be chasing after the comfort provided by worldly things), it’s also possible that we can become so obsessed with our self-denial that we may lose sight of Him entirely.

Every day, our relationship with the Lord can do one of three things. It can grow stronger, it can weaken or it can stay the same. Our goal in Lent (and really throughout our life) is to grow closer to Jesus every day. Therefore, at the end of each day we should ask ourselves the following question:

“Have I grown closer to Jesus today?”

While it sounds like a simple question, it’s sometimes a difficult one to answer honestly. Therefore, I find it helpful to look at a series of practical questions which will help to assess our relationship with the Lord.

  • Was I grateful for everything that happened to me today (good and bad)?
  • Was I kind to everyone I met?
  • Did I love my enemies?
  • Did I speak to the Lord throughout the day?
  • Did I listen to Him speak to me (in silence, in the Bible, through the teachings of the Church)?
  • Were my actions a good example to others?
  • If I experienced any kind of suffering did I offer it up?
  • Did I thank Him for giving me another day?
  • Did I use my talents to serve Him (by doing the best I can in performing my duties)?
  • Did I ask for His help in overcoming my imperfections?
  • Did I tell the Lord that I loved Him?
  • .
    Now, if you’re like me you probably answered “no” to some of these questions. Don’t panic. That’s what Lent is all about. Tell God you’re sorry and ask for the grace to do better tomorrow. If you’re honest with yourself and keep trying, you and the Lord will grow closer and you’ll be on the road to receiving the ultimate reward…

    Life with him in Heaven!

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    About the Author:

    Gary Zimak is a full time Catholic speaker, author and radio host. In addition to hosting Following The Truth on Blogtalkradio (M-F at 8 PM Eastern), Gary is a frequent guest on EWTN, Relevant and Sirius/XM Radio. He is the author of A Worrier's Guide To The Bible , Listen To Your Blessed Mother and From Fear To Faith. A frequent speaker at parishes and conferences, Gary is the leading Catholic speaker on the topic of overcoming anxiety. He lives in New Jersey with his wife Eileen and daughters Mary and Elizabeth.

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