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Father Corapi and Praying for Priests

June 6, AD2013


Last week the Church celebrated the Feast of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary and later this month, on June 24th, we celebrate the Solemnity of the Nativity of Saint John the Baptist. This time of year, as the Church celebrates these liturgies I am reminded of one of the most excellent homilies I had the pleasure of hearing just four years ago. On the Solemnity of the Nativity of Saint John the Baptist I was fortunate enough to hear Fr. John Corapi preach as he said Mass not in some large arena or auditorium but rather in my own parish, St. Charles Borromeo in Whitefish, Montana. He wasn’t in town to preach a mission or give a talk. He was simply saying Mass at our local parish, at the invitation of our pastor, as our pastor was out of town for a few days.

During his homily he referred back to the gospel passage that recounts the Visitation and proceeded to give a beautiful, moving and powerful (as only Fr. Corapi could do) pro-life homily. It was a typical weekday Mass like those celebrated in thousands of parishes around the world every day. No cameras were rolling and no marketable products would be produced for sale. But I, and the couple hundred others who heard him preach and say Mass that Wednesday, received a wonderful gift.

Much has changed since that day though even more has remained unchanged. One thing I have come to appreciate far more is the absolute necessity of praying for our bishops and priests. They are under attack and in desperate need of our fervent prayers and vigorous support.

Not long after my wife and I moved to Montana we had the opportunity to get to know Fr. Corapi and over the years we were fortunate to share meals and good conversation with him on a few occasions. What struck me about him at the time was his shy, quiet and unassuming manner that stood in such stark contrast to his style and demeanor I witnessed when I watch his taped talks. In person he was a bit different than the Fr. Corapi I’d seen on television. Nevertheless, the message was the same. He preached the gospel unwaveringly and professed a great love for Christ and His Church.

It wouldn’t be accurate to say I was one of his close friends but I did come to know him, see firsthand his generosity and appreciate the unique gift his priestly ministry provided to Catholics (and non-Catholics). Even just two short years ago my wife and I were blessed to celebrate Easter and his birthday with him just before all hell broke loose.

I am aware of some of the events that transpired when things seemed to fall apart for Fr. Corapi and there is much more that I do not know. During those days it seemed like the Catholic media and blogs were spilling over daily with reports and wild speculation. Some of what was reported was no doubt true but it certainly seemed to me we were witnessing a sort of Catholic tabloid frenzy where the line between fact and irresponsible speculation was blurred. I believe very few do have all of the relevant facts.

I think it’s safe to say something went terribly wrong and many suffered as a result as tends to happen when human weakness and sin seems to prevail for a time and those we’ve admired fall from the pedestal upon which we have elevated them. Thankfully, we are able by God’s grace to endure in faith as we anchor our lives to Him secured firmly to His Church. Most of those I know who looked up to Fr. Corapi as an inspiration and confirming voice have remained close to the Church and seemingly grown in faith, understanding well that it is God alone we worship not those he has sent to draw us closer to Himself.

We know priests are people too and subject to human weakness and temptation. I tend to think that our priests and bishops are uniquely targeted by Satan in order to erode proper reverence for the ordained ministry, tear down the Church and strike at the very source of sacramental grace. There is a lengthy list of priests and bishops who have wavered and fallen throughout the Church’s history. The Catechism of the Catholic Church reminds us that the “presence of Christ in the minister is not to be understood as if the latter were preserved from all human weakness, the spirit of domination, error, even sin” (CCC, 1550). This truth should not so much cause us to embrace a suspicious stance when it comes to our priests and bishops (though at times that might be proper and prudent) as much as it should compel us to provide ALL of them our support. I think most of us know this to be true but we need to be reminded frequently lest we neglect our duty and fail to build up our priests and cherish the great gift God has provided to us in the ordained priesthood.

Within the communion of saints, God has invested certain men with power and authority in service to the Church. Fr. Corapi is one of them. God no doubt provides these men with all the grace necessary to faithfully live out their vocations as ordained priests and bishops. However, we also must understand and appreciate the role we play in bringing God’s grace to them. Consider the story of Israel’s battle with Amalek recounted in Exodus 17:6-16 when Aaron and Hur supported Moses’ raised hands in order that the Israelites claim victory over the Amalekites. We have to ask ourselves how well we are “supporting the hands” of our priests. Do we pray for our priests at least daily? Do we befriend our priests and include them not only in our prayers but in our lives? Do we refrain from burdening them with petty matters and disputes which draw them away from the serious spiritual care of their flocks?

I can’t help but think that the Church is a bit poorer absent Fr. Corapi’s prophetic voice. His was a style and tone that understandably did not appeal to all but certainly struck a chord with many. He played a significant role in the conversion and reversion of many as he helped draw many into the Catholic Church. Even as he was engaged in his struggles he insisted that the fullness of the faith was to be found in the Catholic Church. I haven’t seen Fr. Corapi since he morphed into the “Black Sheep Dog” two years ago but I pray he is well and hope he perseveres in faith. I pray not so much in the hope that he returns to his former ministry but because I desire for him what I desire for myself and for all persons—that when he dies the Lord grants him eternal life.

Please join me in praying for Fr. Corapi and all of our priests.  They are depending on us.

© 2013. Matthew Brower. All Rights Reserved.

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About the Author:

Matthew is a practicing attorney in Montana where he lives with his wife, Miriam. After graduating from the University of Notre Dame with a B.A. in History and Theology, he worked at a large Catholic parish in West Michigan for 7 years where he coordinated various faith formation programs, RCIA and assisted petitioners seeking declarations of nullity. He then attended the Ave Maria School of Law obtaining his Juris Doctor (cum laude) in 2004. He is admitted to practice in Michigan, Minnesota, Montana and the U.S. District Court of Montana. In addition to running his own law practice, he enjoys hiking in Glacier National Park, cheering on the Fighting Irish, and trips back to the Midwest to visit family.

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  • Geraldine

    Seriously!! You really believe that Fr corapi did these things. Father is isn’t, his accuser is a drunk and a drug addict. I have info about his accuser and know for a fact she is lying. Instead of believing all the lies, why not try and prove his innocence.

    • Geraldine

      I meant to say innocent not isn’t.

  • Emmanuel

    It is truly an agony to see that how people waste precious time attacking religions. How is it that they don’t have anything better to do…….constructive, productive, putting in work! It is a sad sad thing in seeing that people are trying to change the world, change people………a little advice, a postulate, that we are wasting precious resources, energy, what belongs to our all mighty creator in fighting these wars that will never be won…….by man that is because like a Saint once said to me “son God always wins the war he always has it won” and I said “Amén yes he does but here, on earth man is going about it all wrong do to wanting it quick and easy, instant result…looking for instant gratification not wanting to invest time, time which in time will be for the long run the future of our children, a better world for them because my fellow brother and sisters we have to accept the fact that things realistically, times this world we are living in today is harder for us youth, it hasn’t been easy because that’s the way it’s intended to be for all of us nothing is to come easy….life is not easy….we are never to get too comfortable God wants us grow up, grow strong towards the sky like that of a plant in extreme conditions, winds, rains scorching heats from the sun but yet it reaches and grows towards it and it only becomes stronger and in case of it’s end it bares its fruit so that in that it protects the seeds…..the seeds that will bare life from life that is…the soil and not all will produce that is in those conditions but in time it will adapt! Invest in educating the YOUTH FOR THEY WILL BE LIVING IN THE FUTURE AND PREPARE THEM FOR IT FOR THAT IS HOW THE BATTLE WILL BE WON BY GOOD FOR THE OF MAN FOR GREATER GLORY! PEACE AND LOVE.

  • Emmanuel Marquez Hurtado

    Que viva Christo Rey!

  • Dolen

    Why don’t you folks write Father Corapi at 555 Walker Meadow Road in Whitefish, Montana and ask him questions or call him at 406-862-3112. It is all public record in Flathead County Montana.

  • I can vouch for one falsehood being made agains Corapi. He never said he was a Green Beret or in Special Forces. He said he was in training for such until he got injured and then medically rejected. A very similar thing happened to me. I know he’s been truthful about this.

  • ron

    fr. corapi brought me back to the church 14 years ago because of him I now have inner peace and love for our lord. I truely feel this at mass. thank you fr. you are always in my prayers. ron

  • Grace mcGuire

    I was startled today to receive countless prompting a in the Spirit to pray for Fr. corapi urgently. And I am. Thank you for your article.

  • jamey brown

    During my conversion six years ago I didn’t like Fr. Corapi
    at first. His tough talk made me think in my ignorance, “Jesus wouldn’t talk like that.” But as I got deeper into the Faith I learned that Jesus said some very bold things such as, “You are whitewashed tombs filled with dead men’s bones and all manner of filth”—not too politically correct. Fr. Corapi got to be one of my favorite speakers. I will always remember his statement that “Your Mama Wears Combat Boots” is not a putdown but a description of Our Blessed Mother—a real
    warrior. I don’t know what truly happened to him. Some report alcohol abuse. Being in recovery myself—17 years clean and sober– I understand how easy it is to fall. One sip or puff or sniff of a substance can set the addict off for monthsor years or for a lifetime. I pray for Fr. John Corapi that he will hold fast to the Faith or return if he has strayed. As Father said, “All Scripture can be reduced to two words: Jesus Christ.” May the Good Shepherd bring the lost sheep back home.

    • False accusations

      unfortunately it was his accuser that went back to her old ways.. May she change her ways and repent. i have seen her rants and abuse not Just Father John but the catholic church, St JP 2nd and other priests… she has ranted on like a woman possessed… This would have to be one of the biggest false accusations against a priest done in our time… May the lord Bless Fr John as he offers this cross up, in Gods time Fr John will be exonerated!

    • jamey brown

      Where did you see her other accusations? I’d be interested in seeing them. Is there a link?

  • Celestina Santiago

    I owe my conversion to Fr. John Corapi. I was born and raised as a protestant. Then cable TV came and I had the opportunity to have EWTN as part of our package. I was hooked and would wait either saturday night or sunday morning to watch his series. Just like many of the viewers Fr. Corapi’s conversion story even amazed my dad (who was a hardcore protestant til he died) and later on found my dad even my brothers watch with me. Later on our whole household would watch and wait for Fr. Corapi until my older sister and I converted to Catholicism. The rest of our family remained as protestants but we learned to live together and even pray the Holy Rosary together as a family. We owe this devotion to the Blessed Mother to Fr. Corapi. I hope that he is well and please reassure him that all of us are praying for him. God bless you Fr. Corapi!!!

  • Josephine

    Thank you, Mr. Brower, for that wonderful article. I believe that
    it is imperitive that Catholics pray daily for their priests, many
    of whom are suffering a form of martyrdom. I know that there
    are many in the Church (including clergy) who want to “fundamentally change” our beloved Bride of Christ into a relativistic, feministic, happy-clappy organization. I have always prayed and will continue to do so for our beloved priests, especially Father Corapi who helped me to grow in my
    faith and obedience to the Magisterium. May he, like the prodigal son, repent and humbly return to his Church until he
    is reunited to his Father. God love you, Mr. Brower.

  • Frank

    Let me add my voice to the comments of those who are saddened by this situation and still have great regard for the good done by Fr. Corapi before the accusations against him were made public. Without judging anyone, we should pray for all. And I also join those who thank you for your article and hope that Fr. Corapi has returned to the embrace of the Church and is properly doing whatever penance may be appropriate for any wrongdoing of which he is truly guilty, though I agree we don’t really know any facts about that. This was handled very poorly all around, in my view.

    I was in the process of coming into the Church in the summer of 2004, awaiting the start of my RCIA program, when I first saw Fr. Corapi on EWTN. I must say I learned far more from him, and was much more deeply inspired by him, (as well as many other fine priests, religious, and lay persons on EWTN), than I ever was by the insipid and squishy presentations I heard in that parish RCIA class. They acted as if the Catechism of the Carholic Church was just a list of suggestions open to rejection if our “conscience” so dictated; the concept of the well-formed conscience was totally foreign to them. (Please note this was in a different city than where I live now.). Needless to say, the truth I heard on EWTN was most welcome in contrast, and EWTN continues to be my primary source for information about the one true Church of Jesus Christ and his teachings.

  • kidinwheelchair

    How could he have been saying Mass when he was removed from his priestly faculties? Whether just or not, he’s not at this time a priest in good standing and shouldn’t have been saying Mass.

    • Matthew Brower

      The Mass I referred to in the article was over four years ago well before the current situation developed.

  • Mary Sandweg Alewine

    Thank you so much for the update….I have been deeply saddened by Fr. Corapi’s departure and fall. I believe Satan attacked him because he was bringing so many lost sheep back into the fold. I also believe God’s mercy will rescue this lost sheep and I anxiously await that day. God bless and keep Fr. John Corapi!

    • Ann S.

      I believe the same as you, Mary. I pray for Fr. Corapi every day and I trust in God’s mercy. Thanks for your kind words.

  • Mary

    This story makes me sad. I don’t know what happened inside Fr. Corapi’s soul, but I pray for him. His sermons helped me through a very dark place where I had a lot of doubt and fear, and no matter what he’s done, I am a better Catholic and Christian because of him. This could happen to any of us.

  • Veritas

    Very good article. I’m shocked at the official Press Release by SOLT. I read in a different article that they promised not to say anything bad about Fr. Corapi. I guess they changed their minds. Unfortunately, all Corapi’s allegations against the Church hierarchy and procedures in handling cases appear true; and some probably did want him “out.” As for their non-existent investigation, all they can say is what the charges were by a dubious, disgruntled employee. They couldn’t proceed to question witnesses because of civil action taken by Fr. Corapi against the accuser. So, nothing is conclusive and continues in obscurity and speculation. His personal property was apparently allowed before the new constitution of his order was drafted in 1994. We are not told how they treated other older members, but it seems that his disgruntled superiors and/or some in his order want us to believe that he was out of compliance. But why mention that now when the constitution was implemented in 1994? His compliance would have been an issue before now if it were an issue at all. I think we’re seeing some petty smear tactics to give credence to the other charges that were never investigated. The non-disclosure agreement with his employees sounds shady, but there are other organizations that don’t want business discussed outside the office especially counseling or social work. It’s too bad he sued her on breach of contract since slander, defamation, or false charges seems more relevant. Our messed up civil law system no better than the Church! I guess since she submitted the damning letter to the Church, the charges only matter to them since the secular world doesn’t care about “misconduct.” Ultimately, only the Enemy comes out on top in this mess. Good job SOLT. If the community were this backstabbing, I’d want to leave too. I don’t think leaving was his best option though. Martyrdom within the Church probably better. Lots of priests have been martyred by the Church through the centuries like John Huss. What am I saying? This is all terrible. More prayer!

    • OL

      SOLT stated that the investigation was stopped by Fr.Corapi’s Civil Case,and at that time they had NO evidence, then suddenly they come out with all these accusations some of them were, he may have done this, he might have done that, which is really stupid, may have and might have would never hold up in a real court of law or in The Church. Computers any one with sufficient knowledge can tamper with computers send emails in another persons name Father Corapis employees had full access to his Computers.. Cell phone records would require that they get a court order to access those records which I doubt they ever got since this was not before a court of Law they would have no right to access those records “The police cannot take your cell phone and, without consent, read through your texts unless they have at least reasonable suspicion that a crime has been committed or is about to be committed. This is because you have a right to privacy, which includes a right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures under the Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Your state may require the police to have a search warrant or probable cause to believe that a crime has been committed before searching your cell phone and reading your text messages. In all states, if the officer has obtained a search warrant from a court, then your text messages can be read.”
      Drugs?? their is no proof of that he did drugs, also did Fr. Corapi’s Attorneys or Canon Lawyers view their so called evidence that appeared suddenly? Did a forensic computer expert view the Computer or their findings? Was Father ever examined by their psychiatrist? No none of their evidence was ever cross examined so to me this is raw data that has no merit in a real court of law. and a Mockery Of Catholic Justice. Father was never accused of a crime so to me this has been blown out of proportion. Maybe it is a smear campaign. Father Corapi helped a nun who was a prostitute he spoke about this a while back, he can not release her name. This would never hold up in court or in The Church herself if they had followed Canon Law but they didn’t , They SOLT Ordered Father Back well Saint John Of The Cross ran away from his Order and The Bishop who is his Bishop that is another canonical mess.Odd under these allegations SOLT brought up that Father Corapi was living under The Old Constitution, seems the issue at hand were the allegations. They suddenly start throwing Mud stating other factors They conveniently left out that OTHERS were also still living under the Constitution. I simply do not believe SOLT and I am ashamed that they should SMEAR Father Corapi and malign him this was not necessary.

    • God will make things right

      Spot ON!

  • Robbe Sebesta

    Well, I’m just now reading your story about Fr. Corapi Matthew, and I think it is an excellent observation you make about how it is we who place people up higher than maybe they should be (my words). In my humble opinion, after reading about how he lived in seclusion (and I guess still does) in Montana, and not amongst his order, and with his “fame” growing bigger every season, I thought, “No wonder he fell, and how did he not fall even sooner than he did?” My goodness you are so right that the ones who are closest to God are the most vulnerable and need so many prayers. I was a big fan of Fr. Corapi because he was very prominent when I converted to the faith in 2002. I hung on his every word because he and I share not only the Catholic faith, but also the disease of addiction. Indeed, I often wonder if that “dragon” has had some part in his falling away. And I often remember his wise words after one of his lectures….he was talking about a pastor he himself had brought out of a crack house, nearly dead, yet still proclaimed him to be a good priest, and he also said, “I hope you don’t read about me lying dead in a gutter somewhere….but don’t you think it couldn’t happen. So you pray for me I’ll pray for you, and together we’ll beat the forces of addiction.” My heart breaks for him, and I still pray for him….we could so use his voice now. He was the real deal, and I know all it takes is moment for God to turn a life around, so I will keep praying. And I thank you for your kind words about him…..I concur.

  • Bernie Campbell

    What the fch is this witch hunt about! I am still in the dark about the indiscretion or indiscretions? Is it sexual? Dah! Homosexual? Minors? There is nothing in Gods earth that cant be forgiven! Even if the good Father had an abortion! If it was of illegal nature I am in full support of him leaving the Priesthood and paying his due! But if it is not in which we all pray so! Shame on you Pharisitical, Pilate driven SOBs! May the first without sin cast the first stone!

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  • Cathy L.

    Thank you for this, Mr. Brower, Father Corapi was very helpful during the time I was returning to the Catholic faith. This time, for me, was terrifying, and his spiritual advice, as well as his teaching of the Catholic faith was good, simple and faithful. I honestly thank God, for his ministry, and he is included in my prayers always. I really hope to offer just a little advice for those who have commented here, please try not to compare yourself to this, that or the other person in regards to goodness or evil. Keep your eyes on Christ crucified, if you think you are good, well, looking at Him we all fall very short of His goodness. If you think you are a horrible wretched sinner whose denied and betrayed Him many times in your life, well, you’re a lot like me. Please go to confession, and when you hear about somebody’s horrible wretched sins, pray for them. God bless you!

  • jenny

    I personally met father Corapi in 2007 and talked to him for few minutes. I liked his direct and compassionate approach. I found a lot of strength in his homilies. His direct and very sincere stile is what we need more and more in our church.
    I pray that his is Ok, wherever he is.

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  • OL

    My Husband passed away last year from Lymphoma. My introduction to Father Corapi was due to my Husband . Many years before My Husband was watching EWTN ,he was not sick then, and came across Fr.Corapi, He was very moved by Father and never missed a program on EWTN Saturday at 10 PM NY TIME, Sunday 7 PM Catechism of The Catholic Church, and Monday at 1 PM the repeat of Saturday. I started listening to him also, We especially loved his conversion story. Due to this singular Priest, and The Grace of God My Husband became a devout Catholic. He start attending Church, going to Confession, watching Bishop Sheen and other programs on EWTN. In 2008 he was diagnosed with Lymphoma I was devastated, Did everything to help him recover he was marvelous. Made a great recovery, when through Chemo Radiation, test etc.This was a rare form of T Cell. He remained Cancer Free or we were told that, turned out he was not, Last year after so much illness, and being told he was fine I rushed him to The Hospital he had 4th stage Lymphoma rare T Cell. etc. He never thought he would die, saw a Priest all the time in the Hospital ,I took him home. Of course before he passed away he received Communion every day in the Hospital, Confession last rites. My Husband was a very decent person, couldn’t know a better person. He really Loved Father, He was around the same age, much older then myself, From New York Bronx,
    Italian /Irish back round in the Navy, He never believed any of the accusations, and said, besides it didn’t matter to him. He learned so much from Father, he learned to Love The Church, which he always did. By their Fruits you will know them, Father John Anthony Corapi produced great Fruits from his Preaching, we both really Loved Him Dearly and still do. You can bet that My Husband is praying for him. God Bless You Father Corapi where ever you may be, you are in my prayers for ever!

    • Karl

      Your wisdom you share shames many of the Fr. Corapi “nay-sayers”, enemies, etc. Here is the reality…….even if the accusations against him were true, what difference does it make in light of the fact that what he preached was the true, unabashed doctrines and faith of the Catholic church. That’s ALL that matters! The Truth is the Truth even if no one believes it, and a lie is a lie even if everyone believes it!! I will remember your husband in my next rosary as I currently have a loved one with cancer as well and can relate to your situation.
      To all you Anti-Corapi’s out there a bit of heavenly wisdom……”Judge not, lest ye be judged!”
      God Bless you OL.

    • OL

      Thank you Karl. Your Message was so kind thoughtful & made me feel good. I think people should think twice before slandering anyone especially a Priest.. We can all learn from mean behavior of those who gloat over the misfortunes of other’s. Father Corapi was a wonderful Preacher & I am sure He needs our Prayers. I am confident that Father Corapi is making good use of this tragedy as he has in the past with so many difficulties. I will Pray For Your Loved One! The Cure D’Ars who was one of My Favorite Saints, also My Husband. said, “No, my dear brethren, while anyone passes his time in watching the conduct of other people, he will neither know nor belong to God.” St.John Marie Vianney.
      “Each of us is the result of a thought of God. Each of us is willed. Each of us is loved. Each of us is necessary.” Pope Benedict XVI

      Thank you again Karl and God Bless You I will also pray for Your Loved One. I know how difficult it is.

  • marie

    I believe 100% in Father Corapi’s innocence and find it hard to believe a mysterious unnamed “fact finding” team could find him guility especially in such a short time. What are their credentials as investigators? Could any have been part of the problems with the Church Father has spoken of in his talks? The truth will come out and Father’s detractors will be eating their hateful words.

  • God will make things right

    Father Corapi is in fact innocent , there is absolutely no doubt about that.. As for evidence there is plenty to show that indeed father Corapi WAS set up by his accuser and her husband.. The so called “mysterious” fact finding team is a sham to say the least….. l am disgusted to think that this can happen to a priest that bought so many back to the church … The church bleeds every time a false accusation against a priest is NOT investigated properly, it almost seems like an excuse to get rid of orthodox priests around the world . Father Corapi is exactly the way you described him a wonderful holy and good man of God… Now carrying a cross that he himself predicted would happen to him… We will continue to pray and support Father John during this time of great suffering…

  • Anabelle Hazard

    I’m with you, Matthew, on the Church being poorer without Fr. Corapi’s voice. He was so instrumental in jumpstarting our devotion to the rosary. Someone said “a priest’s failure is also the failure of the faithful to pray for him.” Thank you for writing about this with charity.

  • kcthomas

    Errors, mistakes, deviations all these are part of our weaknesses. But the GOOD GOD waits for our return as he is our loving Father. If Corapi sticks to his faith in Catholic Church, there is no fear. He will come back in glory. One thing, some “half Catholics” pretend to be fully Catholics just to malign priests and bishops. If they are partners in sexual crime, that is forgotten and slush is thrown on the other. We have to pray for these people too to get the grace of God for their repentance. Only God knows all TRUTH and let us believe in Him fully.

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  • J D

    Fr. Corapi was a wealthy performer delivering what the audience wanted. We have more of these kind then we know among the Catholic-Right (“respected”) establishment. We should be very suspicious of celebrity-priests. More than a few have proven to be personally or theologically delinquent. There was only one Archbishop Fulton Sheen.

    Fr. Corapi was a widely popular, trumpeted charlatan, who used to fill basketball arenas. If we must laud a priest, may I suggest the Venerable Servant of God, Fr, John Hardon. Fr. Hardon took on the dangerous novelties of the past 50 years with great courage and at great personal cost. His persecutors, his white martyrdom, were at the hands of those within his own Jesuit Order, and among other destroyers of The Faith within The Church, these past five decades.

    Fr. Hardon, eclipsing even fellow contemporary Jesuits Fr. Vincent Miceli and Fr. Malachi Martin in stature, nonetheless did not even have one Jesuit attend the 50th anniversary of his ordination. Fr, Hardon had taken on the very liberal Jesuit superiors of his time and had suffered for his courage.

    We pray that Fr. Corapi returns to The Faith and spends the remainder of his life doing penance monastically.

    Venerable Servant of God, Fr. Hardon, Pray for us!

    Holy Virgin, Mother to All Priests, Pray for us!!


    • cestusdei

      I wouldn’t be so quick to put Malachi Martin with Fr. Hardon.

    • Gresu

      Please explain.

    • cestusdei

      The man was mired in conspiracy theories. He lived an irregular life. There are allegations of an affair. It also seems he was dispensed from the clerical state i.e. laicized. He supported Grunner who is suspended. Made false accusations about the murder of Popes. And is used routinely by anti-Catholic’s to discredit the Church. He is an embarrassment to traditional Catholics. I remember Adventists using his books to show that Catholicism is evil. Enough said.

    • Gresu

      Citations, please. You make allegations without substantiations. It’s very serious to wound the character of a person without showing your sources.
      You sound like the prelate who smeared Fr. Frank Pavone, head of Priests for Life. Fr. Pavone was forced to be incarcerated in a remote area….treated like no human being should be treated without a trial. To this day the so-called ‘bishops’ has never explained the character assassination. Now Priests for Life struggle for funding.
      Conciliarists sat on this; conciliarists went into hiding fearing, I suspect, they were the next to be targeted to have job and security removed without a trial, without justice.

    • cestusdei

      The citations are found with those of Martin’s where he claims Satanic covens involving Popes and the Vatican. Martin had no problem with character assassination and smearing others.

      I don’t know much about Fr. Pavone and so can’t comment on him.

    • Gresu

      Pontiffs have directed Catholics to point out the fox and defend truth without compromises.
      Why do you accuse Father Malachi Martin of not telling the truth?
      I’m continually amazed of the immense capacity of conciliarists to tolerate errors.

    • Strife

      Anti-Catholics usually misconstrue credible Catholic sources in their attempts to attack the Church. That’s not to say that Corapi ended up as a credible source as a whole, but rather, to point out that the Truths of Catholicism should rarely depend upon the bigotry of anti-Catholic zealots.

      “There are not a hundred people in America who hate the Catholic Church. There are millions of people who hate what they wrongly believe to be the Catholic Church – which is, of course, quite a different thing” – Archbishop Fulton John Sheen

    • cestusdei

      Martin made it easy for the anti-Catholics. They said, “See the Vatican is Satanic and this priest admits it.” He did a great deal of harm.

    • Strife

      Garbage-in Garbage-out.

    • OL

      Malachy left the Priesthood made money writing sensational gossipy novels. many fringe groups use him as their poster boy he did receive a dispensation from Pope Paul VI. But their is more to the Story. Many believed he worked against The Church. I don’t know! Gruner is another one.

    • J D

      That’s fair. Fr. Martin was mistaken about Garabandal as MANY, including Bergoglio, are mistaken about Medjugorge. Still, Fr. Martin, confidant to Popes, exorcist, scholar, etc..warned all of us, of exactly what we see today, 30 years ago! Today. voices that remind The Church of her immediate history, and prophetic fate, are MOST needed. We have masons, sodomites, and cowards pulling most of the strings of power in the Church, as they do in the rest of society. We need to summon all of the vitriol we have and jam the figurative “eye” as hard as we can. We seem to have these 1940’s Bing-Crosby sensibilities towards Church power-merchants that borders dangerously on idolatry.
      Lay Faithful can only bark, so we must not be dumb dogs! We MUST bark loudly! Growl, snap, and anything we can, short of violence, to wake up The Church to Our Lady’s tears at Lasallette, her pleadings at Fatima, and warnings at Akita.

      God Bless You!

    • Gresu

      Holy Mother the Church, J D is alive and well. However, you will not find the Catholic liturgies, the True Mass in U S bishop’s and Vatican owned churches using the name ‘Catholic’.

    • Gresu

      Resumes WHAt, J. D., performing more sacrileges celebrations on a wooden table serving a meal in protestant style to the “People of God”? You desire more disobedience to the First Commandment, is that correct?

    • J D

      Presumption is a sin, my friend. Christian charity demands we give each other the benefit of the doubt. I know you think we haven’t had a Pope for 50 years, and considering the behavior of most Popes, conspicuously their collective sins of omission, which really is cowardice, I don’t blame you.

      The fact is The See of Peter cannot, in his capacity as Peter (the last time was 1949’s proclamation of the Dogma of The Assumption) cannot teach error or destroy any article of Faith. That’s not PERSONAL PIETY, but the CHARISM OF PAPAL INFALLIBILITY THE HOLY SPIRIT GUARANTEES!

      THE HOLY SPIRIT guarantees nothing else! Popes can be saintly, mystics, Doctors, or cowards, masons, and sodomites. “Your Holiness..” is both a prayer and a reminder, not an official proclamation of sanctity.

      So we have an unbroken line of Popes. That’s where we disagree. What we can agree on is that the novel experiments in “pastoral” theology have done everything that St Pius X prophecied modernism would do to the Church a century ago. It’s no mistake. They did this with full knowledge. They betrayed The Faith and The Faithful. They were cowards succumbing to every “spirit”, but the One that made them. They did pretend those 36 months in the 60’s trumped everything that happened prior. They do view Tradition as only being useful to the extent that it gives them credibility for their furtive apostasy. As Cardinal Kasper recently admitted, the council documents were PURPOSEFULLY written, with enough ambiguity, that ANYONE could read ANYTHING into them. That’s RANK, UNADULTERATED COWARDICE! Does the Catholic-Right Establishment continue to support these mammon-adoring hirelings to retain access and secure personal incomes? YES!

      So, my friend, The Church needs you.

      Some of us who have had a drunk, whore-chasing papa can pretend that man is not our father. We might imagine a grandfather is our father. It hurts us to have to own the shame of such a circumstance, so we fabricate some fantasy to assure us.

      We can do that, or, we can hope papa repents, amends, and repairs the damage he’s done to our family.

      St. Pius X, pray for us!

      Our Lady, Queen of All Apostles, Queen of All Patriarchs, pray for us!


    • Gresu

      Legitimate popes do not contradict their predecessors. A magisterium that contradicts Magisterial Teachings is NOT a magisterium.

      The First Lateran Council (AD 1123)

      “If anyone does not profess, in accordance with the holy Fathers, properly and truthfully all that has been handed down and taught publicly to the Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church of God, both by same holy Fathers and by the approved universal Councils, to the last detail in word and intention: let him be anathema”

      In the history of the Catholic Church there has been 41 antipopes and 17 illegitimate councils. Get over it that popes do not excommunicate themselves.

      We must obey God rather than man.

      Holy Mother the Church does not deceive nor is deceived.

      Pope Saint Pius V had the foresight to insist that the Mass, as he codified it, must never in the future be changed. It appears he had a prophetic glimpse in the th evils of our time, with its sacrilegious,
      man-centered Masonic worship known as the Novus Ordo Missae.

      JD in your unprincipled reasoning, you deny the infallibility of the Chair of Peter. Be very careful about contradicting truth.

    • Strife

      Actually, the real damage to the Church is coming from Leftist priests and religious who publicly contradict and distort the intrinsic Truths of the Catholic Church, or who embrace the false doctrines of Liberation Theology: like Fr. James Martin, Fr. Michael Pfleger or the LCWR ‘Nuns of The Bus’.

      These deceptive clowns present a deceptive and false view of Catholicism that the anti-Catholic left-wing secular media is all too happy to promote. I can assure you they mislead a greater number of souls than any other group because of their high media profile and their pop-culture Zeitgeist lies.

    • OL

      A friend of mine posted this in response to the uncharitable remarks made about Fr.Corapi. i think it was appropriate. “It is not to us that other people will have to render an account of their lives, but to God alone. But we wish to set ourselves up as judges of what does not concern us. The sins of others are for others, that is, for themselves, and our sins are our own business. God will not ask us to render an account of what others have done but solely of what we ourselves have done”

      “Let us watch over ourselves, then, and not torment ourselves so much about others, thinking over and talking about what they have done or said. All that, my dear brethren, is just so much labor lost, and it can only arise from a pride comparable to that of the Pharisee who concerned himself solely with thinking about and misjudging his neighbor instead of occupying himself with thoughts of his own sins and weeping for his own poor efforts. Let us leave the conduct of our neighbor on one side, my dear brethren, and content ourselves with saying, like the holy King David: Lord, give me the grace to know myself as I really am, so that I may see what displeases Thee, and how to correct it, repent, and obtain pardon.

      “The tongue of the scandalmonger is a grub which taints the most beautiful of the flowers and upon them leaves behind it the disgusting trace of is own slime”.
      “No, my dear brethren, while anyone passes his time in watching the conduct of other people, he will neither know nor belong to God.” St.John Marie Vianney

      Saint John Marie Vianney known as THE CURE OF ARS

  • Gresu

    Fr. Corapi has his issues as we all do. Every Catholic needs the needs the necessary graces from the sacraments in order to remain faith while on this journey to our Home.

    But grievously, so many are attending a sacrilegious service that violates the First Commandment.
    Fr. Corapi was ordained in the ‘new rite’ as presbyter and presider and
    led the people astray every time he mocked a mass on a wooden table for the “People of God” worshipping themselves.

    Read why the Church Militant is destroyed in the novus ordo missae and the reasons why it must be rejected:

  • I think you’re quite right about the tabloid type feeding frenzy… and I think you’re going to find it showing up here.

    Thank you for the post, anyways.

  • Philip Dzialo

    Wow! Sure, pray for all! Corapi was a charlatan, a well-honed magician and quite a theatrical performer. One must separate performance from words…always. I would rather receive the same words from a humble, poor, people-serving prelate in a small church. Mega-churches and televangelists reap money, yet hey deliver the same message as a humble, parish prelate….without the theatrics. When I think of Corapi, who de-priested (my word) himself because he rejected accountability, I am reminded of the words of Christopher Hitchens in reference to the Rev, Jerry Falwell, “If you gave the guy an enema, you could bury him in a matchbox.” Yes, pray for them all, but especially for the simple, humble, soft spoken genuine prelate.

    • Strife

      I didn’t realize that you had the spiritual ability to read Fr Corapi’s soul.

      What’s it like to possess the Divine ability to pronounce a man’s entire ministry as void and corrupt?

    • Philip Dzialo

      Actually, it takes no great gift, no great insight, no Godlike characteristics to distinguish between good and evil. It has nothing to do with any spiritual ability…it’s a “bullshit detection factor.” Corapi, Falwell, Pat Robertson, Crispo Dolllar, the Bakkers, Olsteen, and every other snake charmer-handler.

    • Strife

      Define good and evil. And then define good and evil intentions in context to the person’s intentions. Have you ever done evil things? Were your intentions evil at the time? Are you always good?

      What exactly was “evil” about Corapi’s actions?

    • Philip Dzialo

      Ok, Here is the direct report from SOLT, the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity, of which Corapi was a member priest.

      No media, hype, just the religious order’s report…this is quite evil, no!

      Of course I have done evil things, but nothing in comparison to SOLT’s investigation of Corapi. Since I have been taking care of my totally disabled son 24/7 since 2008, I have done nothing remotely bad….pure good and unconditional love for my son.

    • Strife

      Yes those are evil actions. And yes, I already knew about all of that. However does that mean Corapi is evil? No. Does that mean all of his work throughout his vocation was evil? No.

      So you have done evil things, but you are now convinced of your own current piety. Is that about it?

      And again, can you read Corapi’s heart?

      Oh and, was the drunken bisexual Christopher Hitchens a saint as well?

    • Phil Dzialo

      Hitchens diddled in prep school, loved whiskey, loved cigarettes, married twice and was an atheist ,,,, so that precludes him from sainthood as he would admit. He was a brilliant commentator and observer of society, humanity and religious fraud.

    • Strife

      I’m well aware of Hitchens’ life. Gay is as gay does….. and no saint thinks of themselves as pious. Many of them were moral sewer-rats at some point in their lives: Most sinners think they are saints, but every saint knows they are sinners.

      You know as much about true sainthood as you do about real faith….. very little.

      BTW Hitchens’ preferred whiskey was the same as mine: Johnny Walker Black Label – neat. And he was no true atheist, because one cannot not hate God as much as Hitchens did without first personifying Him.

      So there’s that….

    • standtall909

      Me thinks there will be many of us shocked at who we actually see one day in heaven. That is if we make it there ourselves.

    • kidinwheelchair

      are you sure the investigative team was corrupt? Is it possible that what they found was accurate? It makes me very sad, since I’ve learned a lot from Fr. Corapi over the years and met him personally on 2 occasions. Once he blessed my daughter and the other time he answered a question I had about the rosary. Both times he seemed very sincere. I don’t know what happened to him but I pray for him daily.

    • Greg Lamatrice

      “God, I thank you that I am not like other men…” -Luke 18:9-14

    • Edward J Baker

      I worry for your son that he is in the care of a man so self-deluded and devoid of humility as to believe in he never does evil, especially while publicly performing the evil of presuming to know with absolute certainty the soul of another.

    • Splendor of the Truth

      What are you afraid of?
      Jesus, Mary Queen of Saints and All Creation or the CATHOLIC CHURCH?
      You can insult (ignorance dares), mingle with hitchen, adventists, johova WITNESSES and many more charlatans, but you’ll NEVER DESTROY what GOD HAS CREATED!
      His Church will suffer and be TRIUMPHANT until the day her BRIDEGROOM comes in glory!

      I am not saying this, but He who educates me.
      Peace with you!

    • MaryB435

      Don’t know much about Fr. Corapi, but I’m sure that he, like all of us, needs prayers.

      About the late Jerry Falwell: It surprised me long ago, to hear him on the radio. At the time I didn’t know his voice, and tuned into the station only because the one I had been listening to was full of static. He was speaking very reasonably, giving a talk about how it’s a good idea to see what we can learn from those who disagree with us (nothing at all like what I had expected to hear from Falwell, given my pre-conceived notions of him). Let’s pray for his soul, too. What he had to say was a pleasant surprise to me, and I learned a lesson about having strong opinions about things I really didn’t know anything about. After all, my previous opinion about Falwell really hadn’t been based on any knowledge. I don’t even think I would have recognized him if I saw him. It was just that it was considered pretty “cool” in college to look down upon Jerry Falwell.

      About Christopher Hitchens: Perhaps we need to pray for his soul most of all. We can’t take too seriously what he said. Even though he was quite intelligent, he was consumed with bitterness. Shortly before he died he did admit that it comforted him that other patients in the hospital were praying for him. But he was BOTHERED by the fact that the prayers comforted him! He actually SAID that. What an internal conflict! Shortly after Hitchens’ death, there were many comments on his website, some polite, some humorous, but some terribly malicious and cruel, including some very offensive comments about decaying flesh, etc.

      Hitchens was known in life for his severe and sarcastic criticisms of Mother Teresa, and his comment that: “…one of the WORST things about having cancer is that I won’t be able to dance on the grave of Pope Benedict XVI.” I’m sure I could think of worse things about cancer, but poor Christopher was so sad and bitter. In the Catholic Church we believe in what is known as “the Communion of Saints”. As Jesus taught all of us to love our enemies, and to pray for those who persecute us, I made the comment that: “I’m sure that Mother Teresa is praying for him now.” My comment was removed from the combox because it was considered “offensive to the community”, but the truly hateful comments were left. Interesting.

      We should stop speculating on the guilt of people we know nothing about, and spend the time praying/working/doing something useful.

    • Splendor of the Truth

      Under the name, philipo zialo, you and millions like you, battle too much war inside your soul, watch out for a HEART ATTACK!. Certainly, mingling with hitchens has CONFUSED you, EVEN MORE. Satan, in its desperation to keep ignorant people in chains, takes many names, one of them is PSEUDO SCIENTIST, like the charlatan hitchens.
      Authentic SCIENCE educates, does not CONFUSE anyone because SCIENCE and FAITH come from the same Source, our God the Creator.
      Peace with you!

    • Anne Kathryn

      Our Lady revealed to Fr Gobbi Italy of the Marian Movement of Priests, that Satan’s action in these darkened times of the great tribulation was very subtle, in order to lead souls away from Jesus to perdition. She warned that anyone can fall into Her Adversary’s snare including Priests and Bishops and recommended that we Consecrate ourselves to Her Immaculate Heart to prevent falls from grace in our personal lives.”Those never fall into it (Satans snare) who like little children consecrate themselves to my Immaculate Heart” The prayer of consecration She asked for is available in the Book “To the Priests Our Lady’s Beloved Sons” One can receive Our Lady’s protection by simply praying “Mother I entrust myself to you tell me what I must do”and by doing ones best to live by God’s Commandments given to Moses on Mt Sinai for all humanity. Sins are forgiven and grace restored in the Sacrament of Confession & Mercy in the Catholic Church, the only Community of believers founded by Jesus with Peter the first Pope as head to preserve the Faith and transmit Jesus Doctrine for all generations.

    • Guest

      Obviously entering this late, but one should recognize a serious flaw in SOLT’s “sources” of evidence that they erroneously use to prove his guilt. They wrote: “SOLT’s fact-finding team has acquired information from Fr. Corapi’s emails, various witnesses, and public sources, that, together state that, during his years of public ministry…” READ THAT STATEMENT CLOSELY; how could they conclude that he was involved with “sexting” if they didn’t receive a warrant to check his text messages? “Because she said so”?

      SOLT’s statement implies that they did not read Fr. Corapi’s text messages; they likely couldn’t read his text messages (or emails for that matter) without a warrant or without his permission. This was not a criminal issue, so the “fact-finding team” was probably not granted a warrant. So, they had to rely on “various witnesses”, which would have been in the least the woman who wanted revenge on him. This is tantamount to SOLT reaching the conclusion that Fr. Corapi was guilty “because she said so” and “because her emails look like they are from Fr. Corapi’s email address, so we pieced it together.” I own many of Fr. Corapi’s media, and it is likely that souls are falling into hell because his media is no longer on Catholic t.v. or radio.

      And for those who complain about his pricing, don’t buy the items. You’d be missing out bigtime, though; and also, isn’t there a dvd series by a now-somewhat-famous Catholic priest that is costly? The fact of the matter is that things cost money, and if you have a problem with that, well don’t pay the money then.