A Dozen Simons, One Peter

Some years ago I walked into a Christian bookstore and a fascinating poster caught my eye. From a distance, it looked like an image of

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priest, ordination

Supporting our Catholic Priests

When a country is at war, citizens stand behind their troops fighting the enemy. Communities organize to collect food, clothes and other essentials to make

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Leaving Behind A Legacy

Dying is not a popular topic for discussion. But considering that everyone who dies leaves some kind of legacy behind, maybe we should at least

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The Benedict Option Is Not For Me

Full disclosure: I did not actually read the book “The Benedict Option”. Spiritdaily and a NY Times article is where I gleaned information about this movement in the

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The Catholic Church and Science

Many people erroneously believe that the dark ages were caused by the Catholic Church and its hatred of science/love of superstition, and its dominant control

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