universe, creation, wonder, scouts, scouting turmoil

Beware, These Aren’t Your Parents’ Scouts!

universe, creation, wonder, scouts, scouting turmoil

This isn’t your parent’s scouting!

As if it’s not bad enough that the Girl Scouts of America are in cahoots with abortion giant Planned Parenthood, enter the push within the Boy Scouts of America for openly homosexual leaders. As it is, they already accept openly gay scouts into the fold.

But now we have more, deeply troubling developments in the world of scouting.

The Girl Scouts have decided to embrace cross-dressing children into their club. So if your little girl doesn’t want to share her troop with a boy in girl’s clothing, too bad!

The Boy Scouts, on the other hand, have decided to show their feminine side. Not to appear overly male, their leadership has decided that water guns can be forbidden. That’s right, it’s too violent to point a colorful plastic toy, containing water, at a fellow scout. Not to be forgotten are the equally enlightened parameters for water balloons – they must not be larger than a ping pong ball.

The World of Scouts Turned Upside Down

What are we to make of this trend to turn the world of scouting upside down? It looks a lot like an outright assault on Christianity and the family. The normal gender characteristics of yesterday are being shamefully turned topsy turvy.

Boys in girls’ clothing are sharing your little girl’s scouting troop, while the boys’ troops are being emasculated. This blurring of gender lines isn’t exclusively being carried out by deviant adults, lurking in the shadows. Today’s radicalization is being thrust into the once innocent world of our children by formerly wholesome clubs.

Meanwhile, children are also being force-fed an overly sexualized and homesexual agenda. All the while, girls are selling cookies benefitting close associates of abortion giant Planned Parenthood. Additionally, more and more homosexual characters are appearing in entertainment on a regular basis – even though same sex attracted individuals make up less than 2% of the general population.

Tragically, this sexual trend feeds right into the business model of Planned Parenthood, where children are groomed for promiscuity at younger and younger ages. You may be surprised to find that the sex ed programs in most school systems (and in the scouts) are created by Planned Parenthood. And they’re teaching children about all types of sexuality – as early as kindergarten.

This means that by the time our young, sexually active girls become pregnant, they are offered the morbid ‘solution’ of abortion. Meanwhile, Planned Parenthood is raking in the big bucks. The plan is simple: teach unfettered sex, provide inferior condoms, and they will create ‘customers’ for their abortion mills where the butcherous doctors kill innocent babies and maim their mothers.

Boys fare no better because valor and chivalry are no longer encouraged. Instead, they are conditioned to seek nothing more than animalistic gratification. This affects the relationships formed between the genders and doesn’t bode well for a grace-filled outlook on the sacrament of matrimony. Men no longer emulate the masculine characteristic of protector and provider.

On their part, girls often fail to fully develop their uniquely female characteristics of nurturer and the loving mothers of children. In the lack of gender-specific role models, they grow up with a muddled image of self.

Also affected is the sanctity of  Holy Matrimony, which all too often becomes nothing more than a temporary rite of passage. Of those marriages that do survive, far too many become mechanical and sterile. This leaves children out in the cold, with no one after whom to model themselves.

What’s A Parent to Do?

It’s time for us to take back the responsibility of parenting. Too many outside forces are having a detrimental impact on our children and families. God gifted us with children so that we could teach them to know, love, and serve Him. He gave us the faithful partnership between husband and wife in the sacrament of matrimony. In this way, He intended the nuclear family to be a shelter from the stormy world of secular life.

Tough decisions must be made. What good is membership in an organization, if their leadership betrays our faith? When parents relinquish the upbringing of their children to the world, their children will become of the world. This endangers their eternal souls. That’s not the intent and purpose of the godly institution of family.

With a renewed commitment to fervent prayer, frequenting the sacraments, and empowerment of the God-given role of parents, we can ensure a faith filled future for ourselves and our families. The result mortally affects the eternal future of each and every member of our family. Isn’t that worth our very best effort?