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Author Archive: Wendel Hall

Wendel Hall is a lifelong Catholic living in the Washington, D.C. area. He is active in his Archdiocese of Washington parish community, helping with the teens and anywhere else that is needed. He is a husband of one and the father of four. When not involved in something church-related, he can be found practicing immigration and labor and employment law in his own growing firm.

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The Samaritan Woman: She Will Be Loved

November 8, AD2017 0 Comments
The Samaritan Woman: She Will Be Loved

Early Morning He sleeps quietly, but my eyes are open.  My head rests softly on his shoulder and I feel his chest rise and fall.  I cannot say “my husband;” I say “my baal.” I sigh, thinking perhaps today I will be loved. The others were not righteous.  They divorced me publicly, with accusation, taunt, and […]

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