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Author Archive: Roseanne T Sullivan

Roseanne T. Sullivan is a writer from the Boston area who currently lives in San Jose, CA. Sullivan studied art, journalism, fiction, and poetry writing while completing a B.A. in Studio Arts and English and an M.A. with writing emphasis at the University of Minnesota. She has a deep interest in sacred music, sacred art, and liturgy. Many of her writings and photographs have appeared in Homiletic and Pastoral Review, New Liturgical Movement, Dappled Things Deep Down Things Blog, Latin Mass Magazine, Regina Magazine, National Catholic Register, and other publications. Her own intermittently updated blog, Catholic Pundit Wannabe, is at

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Abortion, Underlying Myths, and a Skewed Idea About Mercy

February 14, AD2017 3 Comments
Abortion, Underlying Myths, and a Skewed Idea About Mercy

I was involved in an online discussion last week on Facebook and the points raised in the discussion illustrate many erroneous ideas many people, including some Catholics, have about abortion. I pray some of the counterarguments in the debate may be of help to you if you become engaged in an argument with people who make […]

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