Promises Worth Sharing

Occasionally a book makes it’s way to me that gives me pause. A book that looks at the faith in a manner that addresses the

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The Hope and Healing of Humanae Vitae

Pete Socks, the former book reviewer for Catholic Stand is now managing Breadbox Media, a Catholic-based, spiritually-focused, national podcast network. He will be posting podcasts regularly

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Focus Your Efforts

We are living in a world where we are constantly inundated with information. The news comes to us almost immediately as it happens. In fact,

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Strengthen Our Seminarians

Fred Craddock passed away in 2015. He was professor of preaching ay Candler School of Theology, one of 13 seminaries of the United Methodist Church.

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Refining Gold

We go to Mass, we go to confession frequently but we are not quite perfect are we? We are inherently human. We slip, we fall,

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Be a Flame, Evangelize

In our day to day lives, we encounter many people. In those encounters, opportunities arise which allow us to share our faith. Do we? We

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