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The I’d Rather Syndrome

As the alarm goes off on Monday morning, the first thought in my head is “I’d rather sleep some more.” This week I’ve really struggled

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Dating Outside the Church

I would never date outside the Church at this point in my life, although I know good people exist outside the Church. Some of the

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The Cross of Absences

We just celebrated the exaltation of the cross. It is good to remember that much of our lives on this earth is about the cross.

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Modern Stoicism: A Critique

Realization of a Trend A few years ago, I first became cognizant of the widespread appeal of stoicism in modern culture at a family reunion.

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The Virtues of the Magi

The prominent virtues of the Magi are piety and wisdom (in recognizing Christ as universal king and the light of the world), faith, fortitude, hope

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What is True Freedom?

The eternal recurrence In The Gay Science and other works, Nietzsche presents his idea of the eternal recurrence. The demon in Nietzsche’s work poses this

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butterfly emerges

Acceptance and Anxiety

I have inherited a high level of anxiety and perfectionism which makes peace difficult to attain in my life. When I was a teenager newly

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The Case for Chastity

A Love-Hate Relationship with Sexual Freedom Our culture has a love-hate relationship with the ideas of sexual liberation that spewed out of the sixties and

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