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Author Archive: Lyn Mettler

Lyn was a 30+ year nonbeliever who never dreamed she’d be Catholic and passionately so! She is a wife and mother of two school-age boys, as well as a cat and a dog, and lives in the lovely little village of Zionsville near Indianapolis. Lyn is a Butler Bulldog, and for her day job, she runs her own public relations and blog writing business, Step Ahead Inc. A longtime writer, she's worked in journalism and public relations for many years. Lyn came to Catholicism in 2011 after being married to a nonpracticing Catholic for 10+ years. She never had a shred of interest — and in fact was averse to it — until she began to feel a faint desire to go to the local Catholic church. It only grew from there! Visit Lyn's site A Catholic Newbie.

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Are Catholic Bishops Living Too Lavishly? CNN Says So

August 14, AD2014 16 Comments
Are Catholic Bishops Living Too Lavishly? CNN Says So

Over the weekend, I came across an article that stopped me in my tracks. The CNN Belief blog lists the residences of many of America’s prominent Catholic bishops, noting their size and value, which they define as “lavish.” It made me think about the morality of how a bishop should live. Recently, Pope Francis, who is known […]

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