The Real Enemies of Marriage

Most Catholics are aware that there is a real attack on marriage these days. Our culture and mainstream media do not tolerate voices who defend

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On Materialism and Heroism

Every time our mailman knocks at the door, I know I can expect an update about his son’s medical school. He has two children and

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Outcome-based Parenting

The highlight of a recent camping trip was meeting a Hungarian dinosaur-enthusiast. He wasn’t scared of our three small, crazy children. In fact, he and

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Let Your Blood Pour Out

It was easier to act like something I wasn’t before having kids. It was easier to convince myself I was something I wasn’t before having

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Where is God’s Will?

“Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done” we pray in the Our Father. “Not my will, but yours be done” (Luke 22:42), prayed Jesus in

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Austerity for Christmas

I recently realized how I naturally put on the classical, jazz or fado (traditional Portuguese music) radio stations in my car, without any sacrifice at

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On Choosing a Movie

My husband and I enjoy watching movies for a date night after putting the kids to bed. We had a great streak of movie watching

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Pornography and Mortification

Pornography as we know it is still a very new reality. New studies come out with frequency that reveal pornography’s harmful effects on users. Addictions

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A Reflection on La La Land

(Spoiler Alert: This reflection contains information about the movie’s ending.) The recently released movie La La Land from director Damien Chazelle, featuring actors Ryan Gosling

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If You Love, You Change

We have just gotten over some minor illnesses here at home, colds and pink eye. Even though we are just a family of four, it

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Trump Embodies the American Spirit

Like most people, I avoid talking about politics. Living in Europe, and during this presidential election, that means especially American politics. I think Trump, everything

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