A Tale of Two Cooks and Two Meals

We understand the adage “too many cooks spoil the broth” to mean that splitting a task in too many directions can be counterproductive.  Certainly, having

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prodigal, father

Memory and Redemption

As we proceed through Lent, the recurring themes of redemption and forgiveness bubble to the surface of our thoughts. We understand redemption as literally being

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Lent as a Moving Experience

I find it powerful and transcendent that Lent is a moving journey toward the Cross and beyond.  This “moving” however, comes in three distinct contexts. 

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Let Prayer Be Your Air

I saw you rolling your eyes just now upon seeing the above title, but I want you to work with me for a moment. I

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Why Christ Fell

I do not like icy streets.  They turn walking into an adventure where falling is a real possibility. I guess what I really do not

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