Deus Caritas – God Is Love

When Charles Dickens wrote, “God is love,” on the workhouse wall, he was, of course, being sarcastic. He knew there was no love in that

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The Trouble With The World is Me

In his book, Small is Beautiful, Schumacher said,”Although people go on crying out for solutions, they become angry when they are told that the restoration

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marriage, matrimony, love, faithful

Mystical Marriage

When Helen, said to be the most beautiful woman in Greek antiquity fled with her lover to Troy, she did not receive the reception that

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Greccio and The First Crib

When the Crusaders opened up the Holy Land to pilgrims, they set the scene for a new dawn in Christian Spirituality in the twelfth century.

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God’s Secret Plan

I remember going to watch the musical Godspell over forty years ago. I think I was the only person present who did not like it.

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desert, dry, parched, dead, death

Mourning for My Maker

My family used to spend their summer holidays in our little cottage on the Yorkshire moors just below the mighty Ingleborough, which was the nearest

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