Abortion’s Message: Be Like a Man, with a Helping of Hypocrisy

It is nauseating to hear the pathetic mantra that opposing abortion is opposing women and, in fact, that being pro-life is somehow waging a war on women.  I am having difficulty coming up with a more ironic and absurd claim than this one.

Between various studies showing a link between abortion and breast cancer, depression, later miscarriages, and subsequent infertility, as well as the ultimate message of abortion, it should be clear by now that, if anything, it is abortion which represents a very real war on womanhood.

The early feminist icons recognized that abortion was a surrender of womanhood on two counts. First, abortion was a paradoxical claim for women to demand since its very essence is the declaration, and implicit assertion, that someone was somehow less worthy, less human, less entitled to self-determination. After all, does not abortion begin with the assumption that the human life inside the mother is not human at all but, rather, a mere glob of cells not worthy of any special protection?

Is it not ironic that women, while demanding to no longer be treated as mere property to be disposed when convenient at a whim should turn around and, with a straight face, spew that their unborn children are, in fact, mere property to be disposed of when convenient at a whim?

The second  count on which early feminism recognized  that abortion was the ultimate surrender of womanhood was its implicit proposition that the only way that women could truly succeed and reach their full potential was to become like men in the area of reproduction, able to engage in sexual behavior without long-term consequences or physical changes.

The clear message conveyed on this count is that pregnancy, childbirth, and child rearing are unfair burdens which enslave the poor unfortunate allowing herself to be caught in its web. The successful person was the one who could fool around and escape responsibility; doing the deed and evading any evidence of the deed having been done.  It is unfair, so the message goes, for men to be able to have sex and just walk away if they wish, while women were left pregnant and compromised.

Rather than basking in the sacred uniqueness and special role of women in our society, or on how much they can accomplish while fulfilling those unique and marvelous roles which only they can fulfill, abortion throws its hands up and practically declares womanhood a physical and economic liability, that women have every bit as much right to be like men as men are!

The ironic hypocrisy of all of this is, of  course, that those who go on and on about the so-called war on women are the very ones who are defending, advocating, honoring, and promoting the ultimate attack on womanhood in the  promotion of abortion.

Imagine the absurdity of someone declaring that the only way to be a happy vegetarian is to give up being a vegetarian, that the only way to honor and promote being an African-American is to become more like a White person, or that the best way to be a happy and successful teacher is to give up teaching and do something else.  Such claims would be laughed off the stage of social discourse and discussion.

Yet, to this date, the ironic hypocrisy of abortion’s take on womanhood is not fully and directly addressed, and the hidden war on women that is not so hidden lingers on.