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Ten Things Pope Francis Could Say to President Obama

February 14, AD2014


President Barack Obama will meet with Pope Francis on March 27 at the Vatican. Here are a few things I think the Holy Father might say to President Obama. I am sure you have some of your own.

Hats off to Matt Archbold at National Catholic Register and Donald R. McClarey at The American Catholic, for first coming up with the idea and inspiring me to publish my work on the same subject.

1)  “Sure, I’ll play a game of one-on-one basketball with you, if you sit for an hour with me and Christ in the Adoration Chapel.”

2)  “No, I can’t table any talk about abortion and traditional marriage until after the mid-term elections.”

3) “Have you had any homeless people over for dinner at the White House?”

4) “No, I can’t make you an honorary Catholic even though you have an honorary degree at Notre Dame. It doesn’t work that way.”

5)  “You say you are a Christian. Then why are you not speaking up about the Christian persecution throughout the world?”

6)  “My picks for the March Madness Basketball Tournament?—well, I always have faith in Notre Dame and Holy Cross.”

7)  “Back to your assertion of being a Christian, why do you never mention the words “humility” or “sin” in your speeches?”

8)  “Have you ever considered becoming Catholic? I would let you smoke during the instruction classes. Those classes will give you better results than golf?”

9)  “You think that a baby that survives a botched abortion can be denied medical attention and put in a broom closet to die?–and yet you became President of the United States? Christe Eleison.”

10) “You see, I love all people, even teeny tiny people.”

Do you have some quotes of your own that you think Pope Francis could ask the President upon his visit to the Vatican? Go ahead. Share them here. I’d like to hear what you think.

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About the Author:

Converted in 2007—the greatest day of my life—by the miracle of EWTN. Off the drink and drugs for 17 years—by the grace of God. Bible Study group leader and guitar player 5 years. RCIA assistant leader 2 years. Former atheist and then a crystal-gazing New Ager. Former musician (guitar) raised in Indiana, now I use the big bucks I make writing Catholic blogs to finance my dream of driving a cab in New York City.

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  • john654

    Do you know, that I know, that you should know, that I know, the Catholic Church will NEVER compromise on matters of Faith and Morals, Because, I SAID SO?

  • john654

    Just curious, do you think Jesus Christ is God?

  • john654

    Would you like to borrow my car?

  • john654

    Do you know where I got my authority from?

  • john654

    What do you think the chances are of me performing a same sex union ceremony?

  • john654

    Mr. Obama, do you really think I’m going to tell the Body of Christ it’s OK to use the “Death Pill” (birth control pill)?

  • james

    4) “No, I can’t make you an honorary Catholic even though you have an honorary degree at Notre Dame. It doesn’t work that way.”
    Not everybody is called to be Catholic.

    • ME

      Before the schism and the protestant breakaway, everyone could hear the call to the one, holy, apostolic church founded by Christ a whole lot easier. We’re all called to Christ’s church, so many people are just lost in the confusion and can’t hear the call.

    • john654

      I don’t know, in Obama’s case James might be right! Just kidding, kinda!

    • james

      It is a Babel out there.

    • Camila

      What do you mean?

    • james

      The CC is a magnet that the other religions will be drawn to
      without losing their sense of dogma.

    • Camila

      I do not see how that can be possible. For example, the Jews claimed Christ was a blasphemer, whereas Catholics call that same Person, God, the second person of the Blessed Trinity. You see, it will sort of be impossible to reconcile on this dogma, right?

      Plus, this dogma is kinda important to all the other peripheral dogmas. Wouldn’t you agree?

    • james

      One third of humanity and quie a few westeners believe in
      reincarnation and that is never going away. Islam is not
      budging. The Jewish people I know (and plenty) don’t claim
      Christ but go straight to the Father (Adonai). What’s a pope to
      do ? Francis will help figure it out.

    • Camila

      We need saints.

    • RobinJeanne

      Simply put… Yes Jesus wills that ALL be Catholic because in His Church (Catholic church) is the FULLNESS of Truth…. We have the Eucharist, which is truly Jesus. We are all called to the Truth, to Jesus, who is Truth it’self!!!

    • james

      Well, maybe the next 2000 years will see a better rate than the
      1 : 5 as Catholic – with quite a few maginal in that 1 too.